Impress Her Siblings

So, you’ve been dating your girlfriend for a time and you begin to believe maybe you’ve won her over, you could have even charmed some of her friends and made a good impression at her office holiday party. But don’t think you’re out from the woods just yet. Be careful not to get too comfortable just because you’ve made headway with her social circle, there’s a much more important clique to crack: her family
Your action plan for that first meeting still needs to be fine-tuned depending on whether you’re meeting her brother or her sister – each has a different set of things that are going to impress or annoy them. Read on for a few tips on how to ace that first meet and greet.
win over her sister
Charm her
Obviously, you won’t have the ability to steer clear of first-date type topics like her job or last vacation, but you do have to avoid typical date-like answers. Put away your carefully practiced answers and try to act like you’re talking to someone from the office instead. Remember, you aren’t trying to impress her as a woman, you just want to impress her as a person. Keep asking questions and make sure you involve both your girlfriend and her sister all the time to avoid any chance for flirting accusations
Dig a little
One of many better reasons for having meeting her family – really, on the list of only good stuff – is the possibility to dig for dirt on your own girl. Sisters have all of the gossip on formative years and current states of mind too possibly. Ease into asking questions about your girlfriend and what she was like growing up, and let sis direct the sort or sort of stories which are appropriate to be shared. She’ll be impressed that you want to learn about their collective childhood and she’ll relax telling familiar stories.

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