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1. Don’t Smoke
Everyone knows smoking is bad for your wellbeing and the fitness of these around you. Don’t worry – we’re not going to preach to you. But we would enlighten you just. Your habit could be affecting your likelihood of finding someone. Did that smoking is well known by you is really a deal-breaker for some women? By checking “smoker” on your own online dating profile, you’re weeding out as much as 90% of women. conducted a survey of over 1,000 Americans, and their findings are pretty revealing. Nearly nine out of 10 surveyed singles prefer not to date someone who smokes. On top of that, almost 70% of smokers said they prefer not to date another smoker.
Bela Ghandi, relationship expert and founder of the Smart Dating Academy, says, “Singles are primarily concerned about two things: health and smell.” It’s no surprise that women want to date men who care about their health, and a guy who smokes is inviting a slew of health problems for himself – and his partner, who will inhale the second-hand smoke. As for smell, ‘s study showed that the No. 1 most important attribute in a great kiss is fresh breath. Nearly 90% of non-smokers mind kissing a smoker after they’ve had a cigarette, and half of all singles agree they mind kissing smokers, even if their breath is fresh.
Dr. Mitchell Nides, PhD, is the director of Picture Quitting, the entertainment industry’s Quit Smoking program, and says smell is a factor for smokers too – even though they can’t really smell smoke on themselves, they still smell it on others. They’re also concerned with self-betterment. “Most smokers want to quit,” says Dr. Nides. “They want to put themselves in a good environment that will encourage quitting.”
If you’re a smoker and want to quit, Dr. Nides says you need a plan and you need to deal with each craving as they come. “Urges are strongest for 30 seconds,” he says. After that, it subsides as you get distracted, but it can still be extremely difficult to push through. Medications can help you complete those strong urges – and will double or triple your likelihood of quitting.
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