If Theyre With SOMEONE ELSE, Dont You Dare

3. If They’re With ANOTHER PERSON, Don’t You Dare
Don’t you dare. Not dare do that. Don’t do that thing. Stop it. Stop it. Tie your personal shoelaces and take a seat on your hands together. What the hell are you currently doing? This is simply not your time. You are not giving both of you a clean shot. It’ll continually be all murky and confused and messy. It’s just like the old saying goes: if you value something, ignore it. If it back comes, then it’s yours to possess a sexy wrestle with. And I believe that’s just beautiful. I’m created by it cry. I’m crying. You’re crying. Chocolate Danny De Vito is crying. But really, just don’t take action. I don’t desire to go into any longer detail because I’m attempting to play Sonic and in addition I’ll get mad but MY GOD IF YOU BELIEVE INTERRUPTING SOMEONE’S REAL TANGIBLE CURRENT HAPPINESS TO THROW YOUR HOTDOG IN THE RING YOU THEN ARE EATING A LOT MORE DIRT THAN ANYBODY REALIZED. Don’t take action.

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