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If we are post-coital snuggling in someone’s arms, that all night can seem extremely attractive the idea of doing, the truth of a full-blown relationship means compromise and commitment however. If we begin relationships, we never consider how they’ll end (and they also do sometime). When you choose genuine boyfriend-girlfriend situation, you need to recognize that whatever relationship you’d ahead of dating will be forever changed, and things could easily get back again to the direction these were never.
Additionally, relationships undoubtedly are a commitment You do not have time for this sort of commitment in your own life? Look at your task, your social life, all your family members plus your recreational desires, and aspect in that other person. Is this what you will like that you experienced at the moment really?
Bridging The Gap
I recall one fling I had a with a guy friend of mine. It began as an informal hookup relationship By the end of drunken party evenings, we merely texted each other the easy phrase, My place or yours?” We’d an understanding: This was purely about sex, not hanging out, and we liked it that way.
Then, one day, he suggested coming over to have an evening together of normal people stuff. You know, watching television, drinking beer and actually engaging in conversation. He bridged the gap. I was hesitant, but agreed. He opened up and so did I, and we developed a nice friendship when we realized we had much more in common than we thought, plus the sex got better because we were beginning to actually trust each other.
We communicated clearly on what we wanted from one another – Yes, I like casually hanging out and having sex. No, I do not want us to publicly date.” It was healthy, happy and very satisfying. But it worked because we were both cautious and asked lots of questions before jumping into anything. Although we hung out together in pseudo-date situations, we both had clearly communicated that we did not wish to be labeled as boyfriend-girlfriend.
Communication is key No-one can read your mind. You need to vocalize the thing you need.

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