HOW TO Reject A Hot Woman

This title may surprise you, but if you are an advanced seducer, chances are you shall have to reject some hot women as you have other priorities in life , e.g. your job, most of your spouse, etc. Some men reject gorgeous women after sleeping using them because sex was bad simply.
The simplest way to reject a stylish woman would be to make her think it’s her idea to leave you. Actually, this is the simplest way to reject a female: You merely withdraw your attention and be cold. Because women aren’t very empowered even yet in today’s era, they aren’t likely to call you over and over. That is why men have a lot more power than ladies in dating and relationships Sometimes all you need to do is to disappear from her life forever and she won’t even contact you again because she really wants to look high-value. However in fact, she actually is crying each day and discussing you with all her friends while analysing every text between you two. Anyway, you have rejected her and left already.
Wear an awful cologne that nobody can stand. If she still harasses you and also comes to your workplace to find you, you need to come up with various other strategies For instance, it is possible to make a bottle of terrible, disgusting cologne in your workplace. Whenever she rocks up, you merely spray that cologne EVERYWHERE. Then she’ll leave fairly quickly as you literally stink!
Fart before her. Okay, she actually is still around and you also absolutely hate it. Now rather than being truly a civilised man, it is possible to fart before her. The louder, the higher! She’ll leave immediately because now you not merely stink, but additionally uncivilised!
Wear pink high heel shoes. If this hot girl still doesn’t leave you alone, it is possible to prepare a couple of pink high heel shoes and whenever she sees you again, you wear pink high heel shoes. Now I don’t believe she really wants to be with you anymore. That’s guaranteed. You’re welcome.
Tell her you are gay. If each of the above-mentioned strategies have failed, you’ve kept another solution – it is possible to tell this sexy woman you are actually gay. You aren’t interested in women, so it’s not your fault. She can’t blame you anymore. She’s no cause to be with you Now.
Don’t wash your own hair and do not shower for weekly. Suppose she still really wants to see you on Sunday and you also know it. So, on Monday it is possible to plan that by devoid of a shower rather than washing your own hair for a whole week. In this real way, on Sunday when she catches up with you, she will totally be, absolutely disgusted by the true way you look and desire to run away FAST
Tell her you’d sex together with your dog. If this gorgeous girl is desperate and really wants to marry you whatever, you’ve got a final method – tell her you had sexual intercourse together with your dog simply. Now you’re worried your dog is pregnant together with your child maybe, so you are considering how exactly to raise this kid already. I don’t think she wants to be your child’s step-mother!
Congratulations on rejecting a beautiful woman successfully.

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