How To Propose

The truest statement in the history of relationships regarding whether you should propose or not is also the most vague: When you know, you know.”
For other guys, the when you know, you know” phrase translates roughly to: It’s a crapshoot, pal. You’re on your own with the whole ‘knowing’ thing.” Which leads this second group of guys to ask: Know what? What the hell am I supposed to know?”
There is no real answer to this, other than know” encompasses everything. It includes knowing you love your girlfriend/wife-to-be, understanding that you’re loved by her, knowing that she’s your very best friend, understanding that you’re hers, understanding that she’ll create a great parent, understanding that she’ll take care of you, knowing that you will not mind looking after her, understanding that among the rest of the girlfriends you had, this phenomenal woman was looking forward to you the complete time and none of one’s past ladies could ever compare to her.
Never to know” means you feel the opposite about many of these things. (Hopefully only some – if you feel the contrary about your girlfriend on each of the above, why bother dating her even?Unless she’s Brooklyn Decker – in which particular case, hang in so long as you can). Fortunately, if you are no more uncomfortable, uncertain or un” anything involving your spouse (primarily, unsure) that’s once you know.” So when you know, you realize, this means it might be time and energy to propose
Be This Guy
Here are twelve essential what to consider once you reach this aspect:
1. DIY
Proposing is often a man’s game. Period. Overlook the supposedly hip notion that it’s cool for women to propose because of rise of feminism and the blurring of the gender barrier and all of those other tradition-be-damned nonsense. A lady proposing to a man isn’t hip; it’s lame. I understand, I know – there is nothing wrong” with a female proposing. And there can be a few men in the marketplace who would like to be proposed to (though I’ve never met any). But regardless of how progressive and forward your girlfriend could be, there are particular laws in the universe that must not be trifled with: Women aren’t likely to open car doors for men. Women aren’t likely to give men their coat in case a man catches a chill. A female shouldn’t need to comfort a guy because he’s crying by the end of Love Actually.
And women shouldn’t need to get down using one knee and have for a man’s submit marriage. Typing that last sentence even felt weird. Men propose. It’s inside our DNA. Pure and simple. Guys, suck it up. Avoid being that guy in several couples who must meekly say My partner proposed if you ask me” in case you are sharing your engagement stories. Everyone might nod their head and smile politely, but every guy at the table will think you’re a towering wimp. Sorry, it goes without saying.
2. Know The Answer
If you honestly do not know what your girlfriend will say in the event that you propose, don’t ask yet. Think about your proposal what sort of late Johnnie Cochran considered cross-examining a witness: Never ask a question you do not already know the solution to. Never. By enough time you’re ready to pop the question , you should have already had feeler” discussions about weddings, starting a family, when you want kids, how many kids you want, where you’ll live, income sharing, etc. If you have had none of the discussions, you might want to talk about a few topics to see how she feels. For anyone who is at a wedding so you ask your girlfriend if she could picture your wedding like this, and she hesitates or gets uncomfortable or doesn’t need to discuss it, it’s OK – having that conversation at somebody else’s wedding will undoubtedly be considerably less uncomfortable than having it on the morning of one’s, when your fiancée realizes she said because she was just being polite yes.
3. Live Together
This isn’t 1950. When possible, ask your girlfriend to go in before you propose or get married together. An enormous percentage of divorces may be avoided if couples were forced to call home together and share all expenses and experiences for half of a year to per year ahead of engaged and getting married (this is not based on any official study, just a hunch). Why wait until you’re married to discover that your spouse eats moo goo gai pan during intercourse, is four months late on her behalf behalf car payment and won’t allow you to touch the groceries she buys? Alternatively, if you maneuver around in together and it’s really superior to you ever thought it could be, you’ll probably have a good idea if she’ll say yes.
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