How To Make A STYLISH Woman Get DEPENDENT ON You Sexually

When sex is right, it’s 33% of a relationship. But when sex is wrong, it’s 80% of the relationship. I had a female client who was in a toxic relationship with an abusive man , but she refused to leave him. When I asked her why again and again, at last she says, He is really good in bed. I don’t want to lose that.” No wonder Eileen Chang said, The best way to a woman’s heart is through her vagina.” Perhaps you commence to wonder – Why is a hot woman sexually dependent on you?
You have to create a hot woman feel safe with you sexually.
In the feminine brain, the region which ignites anxiety and the region which ignites sexual arousal/orgasm can not be activated simultaneously. Put simply, whenever a woman is anxious, she can not be sexually aroused and can’t have an orgasm. Your hot girlfriend must feel completely relaxed if you want to give her an orgasm. Sadly, at the very least 30% of all women never have an orgasm. Some can’t have an orgasm due to the slut-shaming culture; some can’t because of their anxiety. Therefore, it is your job to ensure your sexy girlfriend is totally relaxed when she is intimate with you. For instance, you can dim the light, turn on the music (Enya or Secret Garden) and use some lavender home fragrance to help her relax. This should be done before you start foreplay. Remember: a relaxing ambiance is the prerequisite of your gorgeous girlfriend’s sexual satisfaction.
You have to switch off your analytical brain and switch on your emotional brain.
Many men are used to analytical thinking because they are engineers, IT specialists, mathematicians and lawyers. But in dating and relationships, analytical thinking isn’t romantic at all. It’s just such a turn-off. Consequently, you would be well-advised to switch off your analytical brain and activate your emotional brain instead. Which means you should use your right brain instead of your left brain while you are dating a stylish lady That is particularly important when it comes to meeting a hot woman’s sexual needs during intercourse. Play the role of emotional and creative while you are in the bedroom together with your sexy girlfriend Is it possible to say some poetic lines? Do you require her lipstick to create a poem on her behalf back? Is it possible to fuck her when she actually is applying makeup close to the mirror (makeup sex, literally)? Be creative and spontaneous.
When sex is right, it’s 33% of a relationship. But when sex is wrong, it’s 80% of the relationship.
Talk dirty in bed.
Men are visual creatures, whereas women are aural creatures. You need to understand that talking dirty in bed is very powerful because women are turned on by what they hear. Because most men can’t do this, you will have a huge advantage if you can do it! This should begin slowly: In the first hour of the date, you should talk to your hot girlfriend and listen to her. In the second hour of the date, you should go to bed with her and begin foreplay while talking dirty to her gradually. In the third hour of the date, you have to penetrate her and stimulate all her senses while talking dirty occasionally. In the final hour of the date, you need to calm down and gradually relax with her in bed (meanwhile, you keep talking with her and meet her emotional needs after sex). That’s the structure of a 4-hour date with a sexy woman. If you don’t know what to say, it is advisable to practice more. Another good notion would be to watch some romantic movies and notice how those sexy actors speak to hot women in bed/bath (e.g. Sweet November).
Learn erotic massage techniques.
An erotic massage is most appropriate seen as a approaching the hot woman’s skin without actually touching her skin. This means the hands should half-touch” her skin (maybe only touch her body hair) and move slowly. You see she is thrilled by your erotic massage Once, you can start to touch her skin with some essential oils – the proper options are rose, sandalwood and ylang-ylang – these begins all her senses. From then on, you can begin to stimulate her vulva and breasts.

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