How To KEEP UP WITH THE Desire Between You And Kuala Lumpur Girls

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
The administrative centre of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, can be the biggest city in this country. Kuala Lumpur is probably the fastest growing metropolitan regions in South-East Asia, in both economic development and population (7.25 million people in its urban area). The architecture of Kuala Lumpur is really a combination of Asian traditions, old colonial influences, Malay Islamic inspirations, modern and Western mix. Ladies in Kuala Lumpur may also be a mixture of many types – you will be able to find any kind of women you like in this unique city. In this article, I’ll show you how to keep the desire between you and Kuala Lumpur women.
What to do after you’ve got a Kuala Lumpur woman ‘s phone number. If you have been reading my columns for a long time, I’m sure you already know how to get women’s phone numbers without too much effort. Now I’m not going to repeat that part, so we are going to go deeper and see what to do next. First of all, I don’t recommend phoning her. It is because in this day and age, many people actually feel annoyed in the event that you call them (maybe they’re busy doing something plus they don’t wish to be interrupted). Most women in Kuala Lumpur would respond in the event that you text them aswell better, in order to reply messages if they have time. Also, texting is a great solution to build sexual tension.
Yet you will have to remember some principles:
#1. Text her 12 hours after you have got her contact number (but no later than a day). In the event that you text her ten minutes after getting her contact number, you look desperate. However, in the event that you await 12 hours, she’ll probably spend 12 hours wondering why you haven’t texted her yet. But don’t await greater than a day because in the event that you await too much time, she may not remember who you’re.
#2. Never arrange the date in the original five messages. I am aware you can’t wait to see her, nevertheless, you need to be considered a high-value man if you want Kuala Lumpur ladies. Therefore, patience is key indeed. Even though she really wants to see you really, you will almost certainly scare her if you arrange a date in the initial text.
#3. Use your better English when typing texts. Avoid How r u?c or ” U”. There is no value in terrible English. Intelligent and well-educated women in Kuala Lumpur will be defer by that.
#4. Never type smiley faces or other similar things such as for example xx” and xoxo”. Although women have a tendency to use these sometimes (personally, I never type these), you mustn’t do it as you certainly are a mature man.
#5. Ensure that your texts are shorter than hers. In her subconscious mind, she associates shorter messages with higher value.
Ladies in Kuala Lumpur are also a mixture of many different types – you will be able to find any kind of women you like in this unique city. In this post, I’ll show you how to keep the desire between you and Kuala Lumpur women.
#6. Never use ???” or !!!” in your text messages. Only one ?” and one !” should be enough at the end of a sentence! You would like to look like a cool guy, not a drama queen.
#7. Always proofread your text message before sending it.
#8. If she takes 30 minutes to send you a reply, you should take more than 30 minutes to send her a reply. Don’t look more needy than her.
#9. If she doesn’t reply, wait at least a week and then text her again. If she still doesn’t reply, do not try again. Start to text the next girl!
#10. When you arrange a date via texting, don’t say something like Let’s meet at XYZ coffee shop at 8pm tomorrow.” Instead, you should say something like Let’s meet at XYZ coffee shop at 8pm next Thursday.” It is because if you have time to see her too soon, it means you don’t have much going on in your life. Therefore, you should look busy (or actually be busy) and arrange a much later date. Also, try to avoid Friday night and Saturday night, because at the beginning, she hasn’t earned your most effective social time yet.
#11. Work with a question while asking her out for a romantic date Never. Rather than sending her this text Do you want to go to XYZ restaurant with me at 8pm next Thursday?”, you need to send this text to her Let’s head to XYZ restaurant at 8pm next Thursday.” That’s just because a statement is more certain and much more powerful when compared to a question. Remember: certainty is sexy. In order to ensure it is more casual, text this to her I’ll XYZ restaurant at 8pm next Thursday. You’re thought by me have to come.”
#12. Never answer her boring questions such as How do you think you’re?” if you don’t have anything interesting to text.
Never answer the majority of her questions for anyone who is given by her with three questions or higher. This may keep her considering you. How to talk with her on calling. Some girls in Kuala Lumpur would wonder why you will not ever call her, therefore you still need to know how to talk with her on calling correctly – Remember: The optimum time and energy to phone her is when you are along the way somewhere. For instance, you’re on the path to the postoffice, and that means you spare five minutes to talk to her on calling. In this way, you’ll be able to end calling conversation quickly which makes you look quality value. Always end the telephone conversation before she really wants to end it.

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