How To Fix A NEGATIVE Tinder Bio

Hello again! For the fourth round of Rating Your Dating we’ve Brent, who, day like Alex another, wrote in saying he feels as if his friends have significantly more matches than he does. Let’s see if we’re able to figure out why.
The Bio
Here’s Brent’s bio:
A long bio isn’t only a concern, but somehow this bio is super lengthy while saying close to nothing about Brent besides he eats, and drinks, and likewise eats and drinks. It almost reads like a Yelp review published by a thirsty robot.
Overall Bio: 3 / 10
You will find four full sentences associated with ingesting things, instead of much else:
Look at a conversation over dinner and wine?
I really like barbecuing and cooking.
Wine is fantastic!
I enjoy whiskey greater than I must say i do beer also.
EASILY had to cut one of these brilliant brilliant lines I’d cut every one of them, since they don’t tell me anything about who Brent is! Literally everybody loves wine and food, except maybe people with ageusia, which is a fancy word for loss of taste.” Seriously though, being overly general in a single-line bio would be an iffy choice. Four sentences makes it seem like you have nothing else to say.
Also, this bio would be an issue if Brent wasn’t a single father Obviously that is going to be a major factor in deciding whether or not to date him, but it also leaves things open-ended. Is he divorced? Widowed? Some other complex situation entirely? I don’t know that we have to declare that here, but avoiding it entirely and then spending an entire paragraph with several iterations of I like wine!” is off-putting.
Another thing to keep in mind is the question of what you’re looking for. For Brent, that means answering: Do you want to meet someone to eventually introduce to your kids or is your dating life entirely separate from their existence? Either option is totally fine, but it may be worth at least hinting either way. A nice in-between option could be something like, I’d love for a girlfriend to meet my son and daughter eventually, but there’s no rush. Let’s get to know each other first.” That sort of information is more important when compared to a preference for whisky over beer slightly.
The Photos
The main one in the suit and another one in the suit:
Can we delete one of these brilliant, Brent? Maybe the mirror selfie one, because you’re older than 23, and I have no idea that we require a mirror selfie. There is nothing majorly wrong with it, nevertheless, you have six photos already, and they are all vaguely similar for the reason that they sort of show what you look like and too hardly any else, so let’s cut some fat.
Normally the one where you’re wearing glasses in the auto:
Nice glasses! That’s fine, or could be cut.
Normally the one where you’re out to dinner:
You’re smile is often a little forced here, though I really like the traveler/out-to-dinner vibes. You may take a different one and replace it on your own next business trip?
The one together with your kids:
Ah, it is just a cute photo, and super necessary. If you are going to mention the youngsters – that i think you need to – providing a potential date with an image of these is huge. That is clearly a big decision to create, and it’s beneficial to get a glimpse of these ages and you also in dad mode. I’m being nit-picky, but I would suggest moving it a little higher in the order, so that it doesn’t play being an afterthought.
Overall: 6/10
Minus the shot together with your kids, these don’t convey a huge amount of information. Still, you’re self-aware with the line about devoid of the picture with that tiger the main one time.” I believe if we eliminate a couple of and try to swap out for something with an increase of colorful, you’ll be on the right course.
In Conclusion:
Be a lot more specific! That is true for everybody, but it’s particularly true if you can find potential deal breakers in the bullet points. For Brent, I would suggest trying various other online dating options where you can find bigger profiles, better suitable for explaining your position and what sort of new person will match it. Still, having a Tinder can only help bolster your chances. There is nothing to reduce by putting yourself on the market, right? So, let’s invest in doing that by curating a glimpse at yourself that uses the medium effectively. Cull down your bio and photos, provide even more cues about what the near future may look like, and I bet you will be having wine and/or barbecue with some lovely person very quickly at all.

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