HOW TO BE A Thailand Women Magnet

In South Asia, women from Thailand would be the hottest girls because a lot of them speak English fluently and are also very open-minded. In addition, they learn how to accommodate men’s needs in the bedroom and spoil their men! In the case that’s your thing, you need to investigate how to come a Thai woman magnet really.
Be aware of your competitors in Thailand.
I really like using analogies in marketing when I discuss dating, because dating may be the only situation what your location is buying and selling aswell. Therefore, I’ve read many marketing books to comprehend relevant (but unexpected) insights into dating.
For example, in Al Ries and Jack Trout’s book Marketing Warfare, they explain that marketing is war, yet most marketers are too proud to research their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, so they focus on their particular work just. But that is clearly a huge mistake clearly, especially in this true time when marketing gets harder and harder.
That reminds me of what’s happening in Thailand – you will see an increasing number of western men visiting Thailand to be able to meet Thailand women. And your competition is increasingly stiff.
But most men aren’t aware of their competitors, so they just focus on themselves and those hot Thai ladies that they can see in the street. However, why should you care about your competitors?
Well, there exists a very good reason why you must look at your competitors (Yes, I said must, not should). In fact, as there are much more digital nomads nowadays, many western men are actually living in Thailand so as to hook up with women in Thailand. But the number of Thailand girls isn’t growing that fast.
That means plenty of girls in Thailand know what you are up to and they can meet many more western men who are just like you without getting a visa and going to a western country.
In this case, what you should do is to figure out in a scale of 1 1 1 to 10, where do you stand? (Compared with your competitors, are you a 6 or a 9?)
After doing some research, I have discovered that western men living in Thailand so as to date Thai beauties generally have some qualities in common:
They make money online – they either run online companies or have freelance businesses on the web. That means they don’t have 9-to-5 jobs that limit their freedom (or damage their souls).
They highly value experience – if experience isn’t their priority, they probably wouldn’t head to Thailand to begin with.
They embrace masculinity – most western women are deeply influenced by feminism, therefore the most western women are in fact competing with men in the society. Consequently, many western men are determined to visit Thailand and meet beauties in Thailand which are more feminine and traditional, thereby feeling like real men.
When you are already in Thailand (or you’ve planned ongoing to Thailand), you might evaluate yourself and have yourself these questions:
How much cash do I make every year? (Please be aware that the common guy in Bangkok makes US$800 monthly – that’s higher compared to the average monthly income in Eastern Europe, but it’s less than the common monthly income in cities in so-called developing countries” such as for example China. Also, westerners in Thailand generally make approximately US$3,000 – US$4,000 monthly, according to a recently available survey.)
How interesting/exciting am I? (Men who highly value experience are often quite exciting and interesting, so Thailand women see them very attractive.)
How masculine am I? (You will be glad to learn that there are lots of ladyboys in Thailand who aren’t masculine at all, so you will undoubtedly be very masculine in Thailand. Nevertheless, you probably should compare yourself with other western men in Thailand – most of them are often more masculine compared to the average guy who chooses to call home in a western country forever.)
If you your answers to these questions, it shall be easy to understand your competitive edge, in comparison to your rivals in Thailand. Obviously, you don’t have to have very accurate answers to the above-mentioned questions. All you need to to do is always to have self-awareness and that means you will know what sort of Thailand beauties you should target
Leverage your creativity to generate yourself more money plus much more ladies in Thailand.
The truth that you’re perusing this article means you’re at least curious
Also, I’d argue that if you be seriously considering moving to Thailand in order to date girls in Thailand, you’re actually quite creative then, partly as you probably have determined how to be location-independent in relation to your projects, and partly as you are proactive and desire to create some shake-up in your love life.
First of all, everybody knows that dating costs both money and time. Indeed, men with limited resources usually date fewer women since they don’t have the amount of money and time to spend money on their dating lives.
Therefore, it’s time and energy to find a way to produce a living without having to be a permanent slave for Corporate America (or any establishment that may require someone to be there from 9am to 5pm, no matter that schedule is scientific or not).
For instance, you can start a member of family side hustle. It’s rather a freelance business on the internet. You will find out something such as writing or translation Perhaps, i.e. a thing that no matter can be carried out by you where your property is. In this way, you’ll be able to check out Thailand and meet hot beauties in Thailand any brief moment.
Alternatively, you’d like to make passive income by learning to be a jv partner marketer, meaning you’ll receive a commission as soon as you sell someone else’s service or product. In this way, so long as you have a higher traffic website, you’ll make money automatically, and that means you can have more time and energy to bang Thailand women.
In the next place, you should use your creativity to meet up more Thailand girls. Good example is you’d be well-advised to frequent university campuses and bars where young and hot Thai ladies is there.
Remember: with regards to dating, you also have to be alert to location, location, location!
I was told that so as to meet hot Thailand ladies, men is going to stores where women shop. But that’s actually wrong, because in the event that you focus on stores in Thailand, you will learn that most women in stores are older women in their 50s and 40s, because older women have significantly more money to shop significantly, whereas younger women are going out in bars or their studies at university campuses.
So, you can develop a game plan and head to university and bars campuses to meet up Thai ladies, e.g. monday every, Wednesday Tuesday and, you visit a university campus to get Thailand girls; thursday every, Saturday Friday and, you visit a bar to chat up Thai women.
Yes, you’d better make Sunday me time” for yourself to be able to have enough time for rejuvenation. Your balls will thank you later.
While living in Thailand, you still should spend 80% of your time working on yourself and only 20% of your time hustling Thai beauties into bed.
I know I’ve said that you’ll need to go out six days a week in order to maximize your chance of hooking up with Thai stunners. But it doesn’t mean you should think about banging Thai girls all day from Monday to Saturday.
I read Roosh V’s blog regularly and he discusses his lifestyle while travelling and dating exotic women around the globe. Yes, he knows how exactly to hustle women into bed certainly, but his priorities are his work and their own life.
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Through the daytime, he usually gets enough sleep first (he wakes up at about 12pm) and he works on his computer for many hours (writing and marketing). He cooks by himself and cleans the homely house by himself. He goes out to get pretty girls Then.

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