How Many Partners PERHAPS YOU HAVE Really Slept With

You’ve been dating your girlfriend for over 90 days and you’re dying to ask what other men she’s bedded before you. Actually, that question is itching her brain as much probably.
So what do you want to do? Do you want to tell her the true number or opt to keep the peace and lie your smiley butt off? What about her? Do you think she’ll tell the truth? Well, the sad fact remains that hardly anyone ever tells the truth in regards to their sexual past.
Why? What’s the big deal, right? Wrong. Regardless of what people say, hearing that your girlfriend has bedded 17 men before you and she’s only 23 years old, yeah, that’s kind of a stretch (no pun intended). Simultaneously, hearing that a boyfriend has bedded over 30 women when he’s only 25 is equally disturbing. Whether we like it or not, we’ll end up defining what was once our cutie pie as not so “pure”.
the truth has 100 legs
Isn’t it strange that if a woman has slept with three partners, but was having sex three times a day in 15-month periods, that’s fine? But if she has bedded 20 guys and had sex a complete of 50 times, she’s ho -rrible. So is honesty actually the best policy in cases like this?
Upon discussing this with a few of my female friends, they insisted that men haven’t any to ask that sort of question. But really, sex may be the most sacred move that two different people could make. Shouldn’t sexual history count for something?
It’s obvious that men and women in the current society regard sex differently from just how their parents viewed it. Unfortunately, we’ve begun to use sex as a tool for selling products, as a weapon, and as a cockeyed definition of love.
one-night lady
Would you take a woman seriously if you got to sleep with her on the first night ? Probably not, it was too easy. If she made you wait for four months and, after you slept with her, she revealed that she had been with 20 men before you, would you still take her seriously?
And what about yourself? Would you honestly tell a woman that you had bedded over 20 women, or would you be ashamed? Because, although you declare that they were easy, I believe it’s safe to state that you were rather easy yourself.
Is keeping the reality to yourself your very best bet (or hers)? Well, if you have been unsafe and haven’t been tested, then honesty is crucial – and don’t have sexual intercourse with her and tell her. The final thing you should do is lead to someone else’s downfall.

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