How Female Attraction Works

Female attraction is mysterious, complicated and hard to understand. Even geniuses like Albert Einstein haven’t figured it out. Today Sabrina K., vice-president of a Vietnamese women dating site, has offered some very good value in this regard:
Your sub-communication is more important than what you say. You can learn one thousand pickup lines, but if your sub-communication is emotionally needy, Vietnamese women won’t be attracted to you. In fact, what you actually say doesn’t matter that much, compared with why you say it. No matter what you say to a Vietnamese girl, your sub-communication should always be, I don’t really care whether you like me or not, but this is just who I am. Take it or leave it.” This shows ultimate confidence at core level, which is extremely attractive. But it doesn’t mean you should be rude. It doesn’t even mean you need to behave or look like James Bond. You can be funny and caring while sub-communicates that core confidence.
You need to learn polarization. Polarization means you use your behavior to influence Vietnamese ladies so that they will either like you or leave. This is the best way to avoid wasting your time. As a man, you understand whether you like a female or not so quickly, right? But women from Vietnam don’t operate like this. As a matter of fact, many Vietnamese beauties spend plenty of time being uncertain in regards to a man and must be swayed a proven way or the other. The only method to influence fence-sitters would be to introduce polarization. Polarizing women throughout your behavior is the most important skill you should learn in dating and relationships. For instance, you can act on your own sexual urges if you are with her, and you’ll know whether she actually is receptive or not. Telling her she actually is hot is polarization; teasing her about her necklace and putting your arms around her is polarization. Although you shall receive rejections while polarizing women, you will be surprised to observe how a lot of women would react well to your advances. As soon as you don’t care whether you’re rejected or not, you have real game.
Female attraction is mysterious, hard and complicated to understand. Even geniuses like Albert Einstein haven’t figured it out.
How to approach demographic mismatch: If you’re a Western man who meets a Vietnamese girl , this is really a demographic mismatch that could potentially cause issues because differences can result in friction which results in insufficient connection. However, should you be smart, you should use this demographic mismatch in your favor because you will vary from men that she’s met previously – which element itself is polarization! You’re more likely to stick out from the crowd if you are unique. She can not be neutral anymore – she’s to be either receptive or unperceptive as the fact that you’re from the different culture polarizes her immediately. Another strategy would be to demonstrate qualities that she didn’t expect because many girls from Vietnam think Western men are playboys. Therefore, if she actually is showed by you that you will be a caring gentleman, she will be further polarized and attracted.
Vietnamese girls love shopping for reasons beyond shopping. If your girlfriend is Vietnamese , chances are she likes shopping very much. But oftentimes, Vietnamese ladies connect and build relationships around shopping, e.g. they go shopping with other women to create friendships; they know shop assistants personally; they go shopping in order to buy presents for their friends and families. If you hate shopping, don’t go shopping with her because if you can’t stand something that’s important to her, you’ll ruin the bond between you as well as your Vietnamese girl.

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