HOW EXACTLY TO Turn Friends With Benefits RIGHT INTO A Relationship

There comes an interval in every casual relationship where you wish it weren’t quite so… casual. That’s not to slight all of you who are happily banging your buddies, or benefiting from your friends – I love casual sex, and so can you! But let’s be real. A lot of us blunder into casual arrangements, ones that began without clearly defined terms but where we begin to make emotional investments in people we thought were going to be one-night-stands
So how do you get from we’re doing it” to we’re dating”? Where do you begin a conversation like that – and how have you any idea where it’s going to end up?
In my experience, it’s always been that the conversation happens naturally. When you feel it, you’ll know. Once, I was seeing this guy for some weeks when one night we turned to each other in his kitchen and were like, Can we do this? Let’s do this.” And that was all the conversation we needed to have.
But sometimes it’s a little more complicated, and the conversation can’t happen organically. Maybe you’re not certain where the other person stands and you want to ease into it. Or… sometimes you absolutely need to say it right now.
Here’s where things get a little thorny. How can you state what you need? How do you prepare yourself to be vulnerable? It’s an understandably scary process! But you gotta be brave and can you. No one will probably know what you will need if you don’t say something about any of it.
Boom. Done. How achieved it feel? Terrifying, probably. But that’s what this means to be vulnerable. It there means putting yourself out. And being vulnerable is OK totally! It’s a lot more than OK, it is freaking brave. There’s this awful culture around being cool with people – we are all likely to hide our feelings before last possible moment, and if we should declare them we panic or even everything goes in accordance with plan. But uncertainty is baked into relationships! They’re work!
Those three typing dots following a text is sent by you prefer that will feel like a million years. But –
Maybe I’m finding a little too sentimental to suit your needs right now. If you clicked with this article for answers on how best to 100% land the lady of your dreams, I’m sorry however your friend Cat doesn’t have any advice for you personally in that department. There is no one fashion to guarantee a conversation will go the method that you want to buy to, or that you will make sure you get the results you most want.

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