Sometimes in a relationship, you are not sure how exactly to phrase a delicate subject or tricky topic. Sure, saying almost nothing is easy, but preventing the subject doesn’t do anyone worthwhile. Awkward Conversations gives you a template for what things to say – and what not saying – and why, in order to have those difficult discussions without them turning out to be full-blown fights.
Being told you are bad in bed may be the stuff of nightmares, and there’s minimal solution to soften the blow of it. If you are the main one delivering the message, you intend to be honest all without coming off as an absolute monster. Luckily for you personally, we’ve determined some helpful tips to greatly help navigate this conversation without starting World War III (and without you finding a swift kick to the nuts).
1. Ask Her How She Feels About Your Sex Life
Rather than jumping the gun and blatantly stating the issue, learn how she’s feeling. In the event that you feel like your sex life is dissatisfactory, there is a good chance she’s feeling it, too. Ask her probing, gentle questions to find out what’s on her behalf mind. Acknowledge the point that it’s not a straightforward conversation to possess, and take it from there.
Hey, so I wanted to check in about our sex life. I know it’s a bit of an awkward topic, but I think it’s good to discuss these things – how do you feel about it? Is the kind of sex we’re having working for you?”
Getting her to open up first will pave the way for your own declaration, and will help facilitate a productive conversation instead of a fight.
2. Don’t Put the Blame on Her
You never want to try anything new.”
It’s best to approach sex as a two-way streetIf you place all the blame on her, she’ll be (rightfully) furious and upset. Don’t accuse her of specific flaws in the bedroom – it doesn’t make anyone more inclined to change. Instead, try framing it as a joint issue … or better yet, a potential area for improvement.
You know what? I think that we could work on our sex life. I wish to be sure that we’re having the best sex possible, and that we’re both deeply satisfied. Do you mind if we talk more about that?”
An honest, considerate request to speak about it will almost always yield good results.
3. Talk to Her About Her Sexual Past
This may seem daunting to ask, but there might be something in her past worth bringing up that explains the bad sex you’re having. Maybe there was a poor experience that led her to like and dislike certain things, or perhaps she’s just sexually inexperienced. It could also be that she’s not super comfortable with her body. Sex is rarely ever about just sex, and there’s usually a multitude of other factors at play that determine how it all plays out.
Ask her what she’s liked during the past, along with her past experiences. The best part of this conversation is that it provides a natural segue into your own recital of things you like.
I’m so glad I know more about what you enjoy. I had this one girlfriend who would do X – and I loved that. Would you ever be open to doing X, you think?”
In any other context, talking about your exes’ sexual habits would be foolhardy, but this is a good time for both of you to be open about the topic.
4. Explain That It’s Not a Permanent Thing
I’m not feeling fulfilled by the sex we have … I think we may be a bad match sexually.”
Making blanket statements such as this may be the worst possible thing you can do. To begin with, they’re hurtful. Secondly, they sound undoubtedly final – how does one get over a declaration of sexual incompatibility? Instead, try:
I really like sex in a relationship because for me personally, sex really gets better as time passes. You need that point to learn another person’s body and discover how to make sure they are orgasm … I’m sure we’re going to grasp having sex with one another.”
Be optimistic concerning the situation. You’re definitely not the first couple on the globe to have had this issue. Don’t tiptoe around it an excessive amount of, and instead, help her recognize that improvement is eminently possible.
5. Offer Realistic Solutions
How would you experience a threesome? Merely to get us out of our sexual rut.”
Something like bringing another person in to the bedroom to spice things up is really a done-to-death proven fact that she probably doesn’t desire to hear. Avoid mentioning lingerie, adult toys or anal as they are everything that fall exclusively on her behalf to do.
Instead, you can suggest sex therapy It is a great step because it’s something you do together, and it’s really much less insulting as any quick fixes. Speaking with a professional is really a perfect example of ways to cope with problems that’s both mature and responsible.
6. Show That You VALUE Her
I know this may be hard to listen to, but I’m bringing it up as the relationship is indeed great otherwise, you understand? I’m sure after focusing on this aspect, everything will undoubtedly be perfect. I really like you, so do not take this the wrong manner. I just want more and better sex with you due to that.”
Consider how difficult it will be that you can hear that you weren’t pleasing your lover sexually – it is the exact same on her behalf! Be reassuring, and declare that it isn’t a reflection on your own desire to have her, or your love. It’s only a self-contained problem that shouldn’t have her doubting herself. Phrasing it in this manner can hopefully progress toward a far more satisfying sexual relationship without hurting her. That is the best method of have.

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