How Do You Know When To Back Off

So, when can you off know when to back ? The very first time she genuinely, explicity rejects you, that’s when. No-one can blame you to make the overture, but she’s not under any obligation to simply accept it, either. Sure, now is probably not a great time for a specific girl due to a variety of circumstances, but she’ll let you know that. There’s a difference between thanks for the offer, but I can’t this weekend” and thanks, but I’m not interested.” Now, is there such a thing as a woman who’ll meter her affection based on how much and how hard you pursue her? Yes, but those women are looking to take advantage of the kind of man who lays way too much out there to begin with. Don’t be that kind of guy. What you’ll be hard-pressed to find is a woman with genuine intentions who forces a man to unlock some kind of secret combination before she agrees to reciprocate. It’s just not how normal people work.
In fact, it not only behooves you to know when you’ve worn out your welcome, but to stay on good terms with her as well. Male-female relations don’t have to be a zero-sum game. Just because she doesn’t want to date you doesn’t mean she considers you objectively un-dateable as a human being. She could have ladyfriends, for instance, that she might see you matching up with perfectly. What will jeopardize that is if you, instead of taking the hint early, continue to press, pursue and invest to the point of frustration. She sees you as the kind of guy who won’t take no for an answer, and you end up with a chip on your shoulder about the female gender as a whole. When that happens, only one of you is right, and it ain’t you.

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