Nowadays a growing number of Filipinas are dating old white men. Why is this happening? Let’s find it out!
Hypergamy is more common in the Philippines. In case you are familiar with that well-known HBO TV show, you are aware of the truth that career-minded lawyer Miranda Hobbs was dating a bartender Steve Brady and she even married him. Obviously, many western women are not thinking about marrying up as the most western women have sufficient career opportunities in developed countries where women and men are equal. On the other hand, ladies in the Philippines reside in an extremely different reality as the Philippines is not a wealthy country where women will get lots of career opportunities and become successful. Due to this, lots of Filipinas want to marry up Perhaps I don’t need to explain that white men are more privileged in many ways, so of course, Filipinas want to date white men. Frankly, young white men can easily date hot white women, whereas old white men find it harder to get hot white girls. Therefore, many old white men prefer dating Filipinas
Filipinas generally speak English well. Because English is also an official language in the Philippines, Filipinas learned English at school when they were young. Due to this, the majority of Filipinas speak English fluently. Usually, younger Filipinas speak perfect English, whilst older Filipinas may have a thick accent. I know an older woman from the Philippines who can’t find proper jobs in the United States simply because of her rich accent – people have difficulty understanding her English, yet she only blames others for being racist. To be frank, that has nothing to do with racism because the market only wants easier communication. As to younger ladies from the Philippines, a lot of them speak American English because that’s what they studied at school when they were students. Since beauties from the Philippines can speak English well, old white men think it is easier to talk to them, building relationships successfully thereby.
It’s cheaper for a vintage white man to visit in the Philippines. In terms of mail order brides and international dating, everybody knows there are of choices for old white men plenty. For example, old white men can check out Eastern Europe and acquire Slavic brides. However, more likely to Asia is really a much cheaper option because everything costs less in Asia really. If your allowance is finished US$20,000, you’ll be able to consider marrying an Eastern European bride. If your allowance is leaner Yet, perchance you should consider marrying a Filipina because that is a much cheaper alternative. I am aware some white men aren’t considering interracial dating given that they don’t find Asian women attractive. That’s not racist because attraction is not a selection. Men can’t logically choose who they feel attracted to. In the event a White man can’t have even an erection when he could possibly be having an Asian woman, then we shouldn’t blame him So, he’d be well-advised until now Slavic girls. Nevertheless, some White men don’t care if they’re dating a White woman or an Asian woman (considering that this woman carries a box, that’s sufficient.) Hence, they’re very happy to meet Filipinas and marry them. Obviously, some White guys have a specific fetish, e.g. they only need to date Asian women; thus, Asian girls are their only options. And we don’t blame them either. Folks have different preferences, and that is very normal.
Filipinas and White men have joined international dating websites and mail order brides’ agencies. In the current day and age, there are several international internet dating sites and apps together with mail order brides’ agencies everywhere. Several organizations desire to attract Filipinas and old white men since they know girls from the Philippines are keen to marry White men and old white men are high-quality customers who will pay for these services. Of course, if you expect someone to find you a wife, you shouldn’t expect it to be a free service, right? Because most dating agencies want to attract old white men – old white men have more money (their target audience are older men in western countries), they are introducing old white men to ladies from the Philippines every single day. Therefore, their success stories are mostly about Filipinas and old white men. There is nothing wrong with that because everyone has the right to find love & these businesses are legitimate dating agencies.
Whiteness is highly valued in the Philippines. To be honest, whiteness is highly valued everywhere in Asia. If you go to Southeast Asia, it is simple to see that Asian women always buy whitening skin-care products so that they can look whiter. That’s because having fair skin means you belong to the elite group in the society, whereas having darker skin means you belong to the low class. Traditionally, Asian those who find themselves upper class of the society need not venture out to work in sunlight, so that they have fair skin. In comparison, Asians that are peasants need to work in sunlight; consequently, they have skin darker. Hopefully this is practical. Since whiteness is valued by stunners in the Philippines highly, these hot women desire to marry old white men (as younger white men probably desire to marry white women). This is not the prettiest topic on earth, but that is the truth.
Many old white men are divorced plus they don’t desire to date white women again. Frankly, many of these old white men are divorced & they’re fed up with dating western women who drained their energy. Apparently, the divorce rate in western countries is quite high; sometimes it’s 60%. As a result, an increasing number of old white men have lost their interest and faith in dating white ladies. Now they are searching for alternatives in dating and relationships because they don’t wish to be hurt again. Then they have realized that Filipinas are more traditional, feminine and caring, so they are better wives. Maybe it’s not politically correct to compare women in the Philippines with western women, but this can be the reality in many old white men’s mind. From some white men’s perspective, feminism in western countries is the reason why most relationships fail so fast. Interestingly, ladies in the Philippines aren’t thinking about feminism because that’s just a foreign concept which doesn’t really exist in the Philippines.
Filipinas are extremely good in the bedroom. Because most old white men have experienced a lot in their love lives, they expect their women to be very good in bed. Fortunately, beauties from the Philippines are quite good in bed, so they are able to make old white men happy in this regard. Honestly, this is a very important part in a marriage – According to relationship expert Jade Seashell , intimacy is one of the most paramount pillars in a relationship. Hence, old white men are very drawn to Filipinas who learn how to please men in this aspect. It is stated that women from the Philippines are much better than Japanese women in the bed room, so that they have an edge that attracts western men generally obviously. Certainly, we shouldn’t generalize all Filipinas and all Japanese ladies. We are able to only say that is probably a trend that people have observed since it is reported that Japanese beauties frequently have sexless marriages, whereas stunners from the Philippines have very sexy marriages.
Many Filipinas desire to leave the Philippines. Many girls from the Philippines don’t desire to reside in the Philippines since they want an improved environment to call home in. And the simplest way to leave the Philippines would be to marry old white men who is able to supply them with visas in western countries. Actually, plenty of Filipinas are already working for western companies online because they are virtual assistants. But sadly, these western companies can only pay them low salaries as they know people’s income in the Philippines is very low. Nonetheless, if these virtual assistants move to western countries, then they will receive much higher salaries, for the minimum wage in western countries is significantly higher.

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