Hilarious Tinder Mixup

The dating app Tinder has just about changed the game by putting you instantly in contact with more people looking to date and hook-up than ever before. And sometimes, just sometimes, that means getting an absolute avalanche of unsolicited dick pics and horny male attention.
Uproxx writer Mike Ryan was sitting at home, day when out of nowhere attempting to watch Bull Durham one, he received a random dick pic to his phone, utilizing a stick of Axe Deoderant since it be studied by way of a measuring only got worse from there, as increasingly more dick pics and uber forward sexual pick-up lines started flooding in in one user after another.
As it happens some random Tinder profile , either unintentionally or design, had essentially invited dudes around the globe showing off their assets… and given the incorrect number, which been Ryan’s. Fortunately for us, he live-tweeted the whole thing. From his initial confusion, to solving the mystery, to eventually just being pretty chill with it, it’s the most hilarious thing you’ll read all day.
Warning: A few of these tweets may be somewhat NSFW. Also, if you’re ever going to send one, at least read our guide to dick pics first.
Oh my god. I’m not making this up. Some dude just misdialed (?) texted me a dick pic. He’s holding his penis next to a beer can.
Oh no! It’s not a beer can! It’s a stick of Axe deodorant!
Does anyone have an app to blur stuff out you’d recommend?
Here’s the random photo I just got texted to me. I used some online paint to paint over his penis. /fkH5q1RyR9
I’m texting with him. He’s telling me that Carilyn told him to send them to this number.
Okay, so, another person just sent me a dick pick. Someone named Carilyn is giving out my number requesting pictures of penises.
Oh, good, there’s a third person now. /6H5Bf3e1YO
Here’s my conversation with dick pic #1. We are friends now. /kVBboRK7JZ
I’ve a fourth suitor now.
I responded to the 3rd guy, the sexting guy. /WhmsSNiXVR
The sexting guy is accusing me of catfishing him. /vrfw1yN1Iq
I allow second dick pic guy know he’s been tricked. He was going to send a video. /RH0EsFDXEq
The next dick pic guy is currently apologizing. I’m lecturing him about sending pictures of his penis to strange telephone numbers.
Second dick pic guy seems relived I had seen that bout of Seinfeld before. Deep down, we all have been human. /3qusWOK25a
Okay, I understand I’ve said this before, but this all is apparently over. Carilyn appears to be finished with Tinder for the evening.
Nope, not over, a shirtless man just sent me an image of himself.
He appears like Chris ‘Dowd.
Here’s mystery man number 4 4. /JpAKhu8rO5
I’m cool with suitor man number 4 4 now. He seems nice. /1U5SgJRolz
I learned from man stranger #4 that he’s been speaking with Carilyn for weekly. He’s now blocked. /sWEyQ7o9vS
So, dick pic guy #1 sent an image of a female. I sent that to #4 asking in the event that’s Carilyn. Said “no.” We’re cool now /ZWFERj1Ll8
Here’s my fifth suitor of the evening. /ZzNnvWUK9m
Guy #6 is mad I sent him a nude picture of FINISHED . and that I’m wasting his time. /9tcd7RuLq9
Guy #5 on the beach wished to go to a picture of me. I sent him one. /bu6GAZYyXw
After sending guy #5 the picture of me and Boss Hogg, he wanted to see more still. /A9A0Am5WWo
Guy #6 doesn’t know much about Carilyn. Got her name wrong Even. We’re friends now though. /qrGHVsGdET
My fifth guy (beach guy) is doubting those are pictures of me. I asked why he texted me and he got mad. /A9erhCkyzF
I have a brand new seventh person. I’m now legitimately worried what my phone can appear to be when I awaken tomorrow. /skLwWivYRL
It’s been 45 minutes since a stranger has texted me. That is over Maybe? Finally?
Without conspiring, @EricDSnider texted me a graphic of Dick York and @misterpatches texted me Dick Sargent. /999CRoYXJI
Better Dick?
Devin is certainly going for another approach when compared to others. /t4sEYI5NRF
I don’t believe #5 beach guy gets it. /zMACrEF1xL
I’ve a 9th suitor. I’ve big news: he sent me a screenshot of Carilyn’s profile.
He says he is able to trace login details. Here is a picture of Carilyn’s profile: /M8z1Gt98tu
The guy in Long Beach asked me to send him “something sexy.” /O28RkdpuhT
Someone named Benny over really wants to come. He’s got a Mad and PS4 Dog. /z7ap4KARNy
The guy who I sent the Star Wars picture to responded with a picture of himself masturbating. (I added paint.) /XJGCV8a5c3
Benny with the PS4 and Mad Dog turned out to be @davelozo playing a prank. I wish they were all Dave Lozo.
This guy sent an audio message. I refuse to listen to it. /JAbqy9wjzO
This guy threw one last Hail Mary before giving up. /x66F5ZrXkd
The guy who sent me that last penis picture apologized. We are friends now. /yAe73GJVCf
Thanks to everyone for putting up with all this. Your tweets kept me strong.

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