Her COMPANION Dislikes You

Be nice
If you are clueless regarding the reasons her companion hates you totally, make sure to be familiar with your behavior when she’s around. Don’t do anything to add fuel to the fire. Be respectful to your girlfriend. Always treat her friends with courtesy and politeness, even if it means being a little fake with the one who can’t stand you. Watch your sense of humor too; girls are not as a tolerant of tasteless jokes as your male friends might be. Being nice should extend to the waiter at the restaurant, the ticket guy at the movie theater and the gas station attendant. If you’re rude to any of these people, it reflects badly on you.
Reach out
If you’re always on your best behavior around her friend and her icy demeanor hasn’t melted at all, it might be time to take more decisive action. Plan a fun group activity for your friends and hers. Perhaps if she spends time with you in a social context with others, she’ll come to see what a great guy you are. This does not imply that it is advisable to suck around her, be yourself just.
If the problem is serious or needs to get worse really, you can always opt for the final resort plan of actually speaking with her companion about what’s bugging her. Be non-confrontational and express that you care quite definitely for your girlfriend so in retrospect you want to make an effort to smooth things over with her. This statement alone may be all she must arrived at her senses and realize how silly she’s being.
If she still doesn’t come around, it may be that you rub one another the wrong manner simply. Sometimes you dislike an individual, but can’t put your finger on why. In this full case, the best plan of action is to consent to disagree with regard to your relationship together with your girlfriend and her friendship.
if everything else fails…

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