Her Body Gets Tense

5. Her Body Gets Tense
We know what you’re thinking. You thought sex was supposed to relax you, not tense you up. If sex makes you tense, then what’s the point? Up is down! Left is right! The lion lays down with the lamb! Well, no, it’s just temporary, and it’s not a bad tension. If she’s orgasming, her muscles will be contracting, meaning her body temporarily turns rigid as the pleasure courses through her.
Of course, it’s worth noting that if you’re not seeing these telltale signs, it’s likely that you’ve got as much explaining to do as she does. While it’s almost never a good move to lie or hide things from your own partner, in case a woman’s faking an orgasm, it’s indicative to the fact that she’s feeling unfulfilled by your time and efforts, but doesn’t learn to break it for you without hurting your feelings. In the event that you suspect that she’s faking, it may be time for a frank discussion about how exactly you can really please her for a change.

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