Having Certain Animals In Your Dating Profile May Help You Land A Date

Crafting the perfect dating profile isn’t an easy feat.
You want to make sure it’s optimized for the largest group of people possible, highlighting not just your looks, but your personality and interests as well. Any little thing helps, meaning your array of photos should include more than just a headshot (and shouldn’t be stacked with group hangouts where it’s hard to decipher who you actually are).
Show you’re an individual! Show your fun side! Show… your love of dogs, cats or snakes, perhaps. Our friends over at Zoosk did some digging, pulling exclusive data from 15,314,690 photos(!) that hints at the inclusion of certain animals in profile pictures of both males and females making a difference with regards to meeting new people on the app. Sure, rolling around with an adorable little puppy probably appeals to a certain audience, but in reality, showcasing a hamster will actually increase your inbound messages the most – by 351 percent, to be exact.
Surprisingly enough, sheep followed hamsters at 328 percent, with elephants next at 314 percent. Animals that increase your inbound messages by 200 percent and over include horses, rabbits, dogs, frogs, cats, goats and birds. Rounding out the list are goldfish, boosting your inbound messages by 161 percent, while reptiles obtain the short (but nonetheless decent) end of the stick to snakes at 117 percent, and lizards at 109 percent.
Now, don’t worry. If you are not just one to document all things your pet does, a straightforward mention shall suffice, too. Zoosk data-mined 41 also,054 men’s profiles and 375,454 messages, helping gents learn that just referencing certain animals can do you the right – that’s, unless it is a cat or perhaps a bird.
In accordance with their research, mentioning your snake (no, not that certain) increase your inbound messages by 186 percent. Discussing your house shall generate 75 percent more messages, while referencing your dog will get you only 13 percent more messages, which is better than nothing. Cats and birds, however, seem to scare potential dates away. Your message volume will drop by 23 percent if a feline is brought up, and if there’s any squawk of that flying animal with beaks, feathers, and wings, you’ll see a major decrease in messages by 100 percent.
There’s no real scientific backing to these statistics, although FoundAnimals does support the notion of putting a pet somewhere in your dating profile. They believe that disclosing from the start that you have a furry friend in your life sets realistic expectations for your time,” and is also a benefit to how you’re perceived.”
There’s no harm in testing these animal-based stats out, especially if it ups your chance in landing a hot date or two. Just remember that in this instance, felines and fowls may not be your friends.
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