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She’s predictable and safe. Everything you see is everything you get. You’ll always know predicament with her, and where she stands on any given topic also. There is no guesswork involved and which makes her a welcome differ from all of the women who’ve played head games with you before.
She’s low maintenance. That is among her best qualities. You will not need to constantly buy her jewelry along with other such gifts to help keep her interested. For a night in or out with you She even enjoys just slumming-it. Jeans and a T-shirt are fashionable for a stroll around town enough. But here’s the kicker: once the occasion demands it, she dresses to the nines.
She’s family values. Because she originates from a good family upbringing, she believes in the significance of family. To be able to be considered a dad ever, this is actually the woman you want as the mother of your children.
She has a good personality. Although this is not something you’d want to hear about someone you’re meeting on a blind date, the girl next door is easygoing and able to joke around with you about a variety of topics. You can go anywhere with her and never get annoyed. She doesn’t complain, but she does speak her mind honestly sufficient reason for respect for the feelings.
She’s reliable and trustworthy. It is possible to take her word to the lender. If she lets you know she’ll take action or be somewhere, it’s occur stone. You can give her your bank cards rather than worry that she’ll overspend. Now that is clearly a headache you may be glad to avoid.
so what’s wrong with her?
You understand the old adage, “whether it’s too good to be true, it probably is”? That could also apply to the lady next door. Despite all the good qualities that I’ve ascribed to her, you may still find some things to consider – items that may displace her from the pedestal I’ve so readily put her on.
She’s not just a challenge. Let’s face it; over time with her, you might become bored. In the event that you usually benefit from the spice that is included with some frustration in a relationship, then she’ll not be the someone to scratch the confrontational itch. When you have her, the chase has ended and you’ll eventually view her as a steadfast nuisance a lot more than the sweet girl you thought you found.
She’s predictable and safe. Unless you like spontaneity, then this is not an issue. However, because she’ll never waver from the old habits and experiences, you might have an issue spicing up your relationship just once you feel it’s most important to do so. Is it possible to say vanilla sex ?
She may be playing you. The worst possible thing to get is that has been all an act. She actually is really that wild child party girl who sucked you in with the “nice girl” facade, and suddenly, you’re back playing a similar relationship games that drove someone to her in the first place.
knock on her behalf behalf door

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