Girl Gets Caught Cheating ON HER BEHALF Fiancé On Tinder

The Story
Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to express your love for the person you’re with. You buy them a nice gift, take them out to a nice dinner, sex them a nice orgasm, etc.
Of course, each couple celebrates in their own way, but one way that’s usually not a good way to celebrate is by going on Tinder and messaging other people on the sly. Which this couple found out the hard way when a guy discovered his newest Tinder match wasn’t, in fact, single, and Facebook messaged her husband-to-be:
The Snapshot
The Lesson
What you learn about this depends on which person in the story you are. Are you the cheater, messaging people on Tinder to tell them you’re single when you’re really not? Don’t do that. Just break up with the person already.
Are you the messagee? If you find out the person who appears to be into you may be cheating on the partner, you should inform them you are not interested… but it’s probably easier to end the problem there. You do not know what’s happening in another person’s life, or what’ll happen if you accuse them of dishonesty with their significant other.

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