GETTING STARTED On The Defensive (3c73a21)

10. STARTING OUT On The Defensive
Ironically, the mistake a lot of men make regarding approaching women is only fearing the worst. This is simply not always true (at all), but as as you start believing it truly is soon, you’ll immediately be on the defensive, wanting to think about answers to issues that usually do not even exist really. The final thing you should do is see any woman as a ‘challenge’ or as if it is advisable to learn any ‘tricks‘ to persuade potential partners to speak to you. Doing this will undoubtedly be what puts women off – exactly like doing that with a man friend would put him off attempting to go out with you – not the items you were initially concerned about. Forget what you’ve heard. Approaching a female isn’t about game-playing. Women (fun, nice women that you’d actually enjoy hanging out with) will always rather become familiar with an agreeable guy who means what he says than someone who’s attempting to play it cool (and is therefore sort of a boring jerk).

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