The most creative and effective methods for getting hot wome n is being conducted a cruise liner. Jack charmed Rose out of her planet on Titanic, hence that movie became probably the most successful one ever sold, which is no accident – if we are near water, we have been more emotional (especially women), and being emotional could be the key to every success in dating and relationships. I used to take my clients to a cruise liner to greatly help them get girls merely , and here’s Mike’s experience about how exactly to utilize the Titanic effect” to obtain hot girls:
What’s The Titanic Effect”? The Titanic effect identifies the emotive power developed by situations when a man helps a female via protecting and guiding her. This becomes a lot more powerful whether it’s done in a context which involves water. For example, I took Mike to a cruise liner so that you can help him get sexy girls This is what he has to accomplish: 1. Chat up every beautiful woman who’s traveling by herself all, thereby adding value by becoming her friend on the ship (never underestimate the energy of loneliness). 2. Mike’s conversations with a number of gorgeous women make these women think he could be a high-value guy with good social skills, so these women want to compete with one another and see which he likes. 3. When Mike notices a definite girl (Candy) who begins to chase him a little, he rewards her good behavior giving her more attention. During a task which requires everyone to play a casino game in the water (not too much from the beach), Candy looks a little hesitant, so Mike asks Candy, Is it possible to swim?” Candy says, No.” Therefore, Mike holds her hand and leads her to the water. This caring physical connection in conjunction with the masculine protection changes everything – Candy really wants to be with Mike for all of those other trip.
Why does the mix of physical connection and masculine protection work so well in terms of getting attractive women? There are a range of reasons why this works: 1. The truth that Mike has given Candy protection makes her want to thank him, thereby giving her an excuse to frequently talk to him in an exceedingly positive way. 2. Physical connection in this context instantly builds the dynamics of a man-to-woman” interaction, so it is easier for Mike to sexualize the problem in an exceedingly subtle way. Remember: women secretly enjoy it when men sexualize the scenario in an excellent, high-value way.
When we are near water, we are more emotional (especially women), and being emotional may be the key to every success in dating and relationships
How can a cruise liner help you have more sex exactly? Key points to bear in mind: 1. A cruise liner offers you a comparatively private environment where you may spend no less than one week with several people, including hot woman This environment could be near water, making women more emotional, so they have romantic associations with you. 2. If you pick up a lady from a nightclub , you must work out how exactly to take her sleep and house with her, therefore the logistics may become a concern. However, a cruise liner offers you the very best logistics – you meet a lovely woman on the ship and it is possible to take her to your cabin on a single ship!
What to search for before booking a cruise if your goal would be to get attractive girls? You’d be well-advised to book a cruise which specifically takes singles away for any occasion. In fact, there are numerous cruise lines that organize singles’ trips such as this. If you can continue such a cruise liner, most women that you meet on the ship are eligible, single women who are searching for love, so these women are more proactive. But if you don’t want to choose a cruise specifically for singles to meet each other , you need to go on a bigger cruise ship which accommodates more people (e.g. 2000 or 3000 people) because in order to find quality, quantity matters! If you travel from Japan to Australia on a ship, you’ll definitely be able to meet thousands of people on the cruise ship, so a few of these people are eligible, sexy, single women that are available.
What to avoid before booking a cruise in order to meet hot ladies? Some cruise ships’ regular customers are senior citizens in general. If you book a random cruise, probably you’ll meet older women who are not looking for someone like you. However, if you are a mature guy interested in senior dating , it’s actually a great idea for you to go on such a cruise ship because you will meet youthful single women in their 50s and 60s easily.
Extra tips:
1. Participate in all activities on the cruise ship. The cruise director has to organize many group activities for everyone to join, so you should use these opportunities to connect to hot girls.
2. Join every small trip on the shore. The ship stops sometimes merely to allow everyone to go to some exotic places on the way. You should take part in those trips aswell. They key would be to maximize your possiblity to meet as much hot women as you possibly can.

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