Friends HAVING AN Ex

For one, I am single since she and I split up six years back. Whether there is a direct correlation between my unwillingness to invest in someone and my friendship with her is for someone who charges per hour to determine. But easily wish to call a woman on my solution to work, or go out with a woman when I’m feeling blue, or choose brunch with a woman when I’m hungover, it’s her, her and her always. I lack any real need to form a meaningful reference to someone else, that leads to plenty of casual sexual relationships with other women invariably. So, no, mom, I’m not engaged and getting married. At the very least not soon anytime.
To the very best of my knowledge, she, too, has been single since our relationship ended professionally, that leads me to problem No. 2: jealousy, the largest roadblock between you often, your ex and a wholesome friendship. To greatly help slay the green-eyed monster, a mourning period should occur following the relationship ends in order that any lingering emotional entanglement can untangle as time passes, healing’s greatest elixir. But also for us, there was no hiatus, so when it came to seeing other people, we operated on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. If she was seeing someone else, I didn’t know. I didn’t need to know.
Of course, there were times when my curiosity got the best of me and I went into full-on stalker mode). So when I did discover that there was someone else in the picture, something that occurred more than once, it initially made me uncomfortable. It made me panic. It made me want what I couldn’t have. As mentioned earlier, those irrational impulses erode with time.
Some like to speculate that I’m still in love with her, or maybe visa versa. Others refuse to believe that we don’t sometimes indulge our carnal desires during respective dry spells. For some reason, it’s hard for a lot of people to accept the idea that two different people who used up to now, and used to possess sex, can still go out without feeling one another up.

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