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Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden made the papers for another reason recently after it turned out revealed that she’d been having a flirtatious text and Twitter relationship with Radio One’s Vernon Kay. The lanky Family Fortunes presenter is in the doghouse together with his missus currently, Tess Daly, although apparently nothing more untoward happened aside from a small amount of “harmless” flirting between your two. Everyone knows where we wish flirting to lead – how will you improve your skills just?
If any woman knows the power of flirting it’s Rhian Sugden, so did the honourable thing and called her around get some good good flirting tips from the feminine perspective.
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Every man has flirting potential
Generally, women shall need flirting the right way, provided there’s a amount of interest there and you are not being ridiculously offensive. Flirting is centered on technique, and I believe that all guys can handle being good flirts – a whole lot depends upon your approach, though. I find British guys tend to be more full-on with flirtatious texts and that type of thing. For reasons uknown they are usually creative. But when it involves real-life situations, guys from other nations are much better because they are usually confident and up-front.
Confidence is key
I find that people can easily see right through you should you be lacking in confidence, and the whole impact of one’s flirting eventually ends up being compromised. Acting too interested, being over-flattering via texting or requesting pictures is really a big mistake in my own book if you don’t have known one another a while. And being cheesy with the flirting has gone out the entranceway with me – I hate that. I believe if you can get yourself a girl going, have some banter with her, and make her laugh, it most definitely can make you more appealing to her.
Obtain the tone right
Personally, teasing gets more of a reaction out of me than any approach and I believe all women would be the same. The odd compliment is nice, but when a woman doesn’t quite know where she fully stands, she is kept by it on her behalf toes. Avoid being predictable, otherwise you’ll run into as being likewise as the rest of the guys – tease her a bit and it will make her desire to chase you that tiny bit more. For example, in case a guy I love says he’s busy it’ll drive me insane and I’m going to be thinking: Is he actually busy? Or is he playing hard to obtain?” In a weird way, it will make me want him more.

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