First Date Mistakes

First Date Mistakes
10 Ways To Avoid Looking JUST LIKE A Jerk On The First Date
First impressions can make or break a burgeoning attraction. Yes, some people get second chances whether they deserve them or not, but your first evening together will most likely leave an indelible mark on your date’s impression of you – and could wind up being the difference between happily ever after and Oh, that guy? Never spoke to him again.”
If you’re funny on the first date, that’ll stick. If you’re charming or handsome or suave, that’ll stick. But if the main thing that comes across is that you’re selfish, money-obsessed or incapable of putting your phone down, those negative impressions will stick in a big way.
That’s why it is critical to take a first date seriously if you want to have a shot at a second one – and doing that means avoiding the classic first-date mistakes that a lot of guys make.
Skipping this list of ten faux pas will not only make you look good, it’ll also separate you from the pack and make you seem particularly impressive compared to all the other guys your date has gotten drinks or coffee or dinner with.

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