Financial Advice For Sugar Sugar and Daddies Babies

Entering the sugar bowl can be an exciting experience. But modern psychology claims that excitement and fear stimulate the same area in the brain, so perhaps you also feel a bit scared simultaneously? This is probably true when you are dealing with money in an arrangement, so to be able to help you with your sugar finances, I’d like to show you how to manage your money properly in the sugar bowl. Are you ready to take notes?
When cash is king…
Many sugar daddies and sugar babies prefer cash when it comes to allowance because: 1) when a sugar daddy gives his sugar baby cash, his bank statement wouldn’t have any evidence which says his sugar baby receives his money; 2) a sugar baby may use cash to cover her bills, so she could be kept by her very own profit her bank-account, making her life easier and many more secure thereby; 3) it’s safer if your sugar baby doesn’t know your cash details at all. In this case, cash is king.
When bank transfer is king…
If your sugar baby is working for you as your own assistant, secretary, etc., you’ll be able to regularly pay her salary, this implies her allowance happens to be tax-deductible for you personally because her salary is actually your company expense. (Disclaimer: That’s for general information/humor purpose only. This informative article isn’t published by an accountant or perhaps a lawyer which website doesn’t give financial advice or legal services officially. Consequently, please check with your accountant and lawyer before taking any action. The writer of the article and our website aren’t in charge of whatever action you decide to take after scanning this article.)
Prepared to enter the sugar bowl?
It is possible to only have a joint account with your sugar baby when you 100% trust her.
Sometimes, a sugar daddy and a sugar baby may have a joint account, e.g. the sugar daddy has the primary credit card, and his sugar baby has the secondary credit card, which means the sugar baby can use her card to spend money, but the sugar daddy is paying for everything. If you totally trust your sugar baby, you can do that. However, if you are not sure whether your sugar baby is reliable or not, you’d better avoid having a joint account with her because one day when she leaves you and goes shopping (think 20 pairs of $600 shoes), you will have to pay for that!
Instead of giving your sugar baby allowance and gifts, consider mentoring her.
Not every sugar baby focuses on allowance and gifts. In fact, an intelligent sugar baby focuses on things beyond allowance and gifts: she has a long-term vision and wants you to be her mentor, so that she can be a successful woman later on. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend money on your sugar baby, perhaps you can give her mentor ship. For example, she can be distributed by you career advice, she could be introduced by one to your connections, you can find an operating job for her, she could be taught by you things such as for example investing and business. In this way, you aren’t losing your cash – you are creating a genuine relationship together with your sugar baby who’ll oftimes be grateful for what you’ve done on her behalf forever.
Than giving your sugar baby allowance and gifts Rather, consider buying her business.
It is the ultimate win-win solution actually. You don’t need to pay your sugar baby, nevertheless, you want to keep her still. Then your easiest way to take action would be to purchase her business. If she really wants to take up a company really, you’ll be able to invest in it to ensure that both you as well as your sugar baby will reap the benefits of this business over time. Quite simply, you’re simply utilizing your own money to do the job, i.e. your cash will make more income for yourself as well as your sugar baby; therefore, your sugar baby really wants to be with you in the long term.
Prepared to enter the sugar bowl? Watch this space because we’ll share more tips and insights with you soon!

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