Because I consider myself a relationship advocate for men everywhere, it is with shame that I make a most painful admission: Men are inferior with regards to conflict resolution. We are. Admit it. Whether in an argument, a mild disagreement or a fight, we need a lesson on how to make it work with our significant other. Henry Kissinger, the master diplomat, has a goldmine in relationship advice seminars for men should he ever feel the inclination.
The problem with us, as men, is that we see life with regards to competition. Black and white competition. Our logical nature is a savior in many life matters however, not in the realm of relationship conflict.
We process in that rational, logical fashion that people have a tendency to alienate our partner. Sure, we make our point and could even “win” the argument. But what do we gain as time passes? Again, our competitive intuition is really a hindrance whenever we disagree with a female.
choose the grain
I am aware of what I speak. A lady I was fond of explained on multiple occasion once, “you fight me than with me rather.” On that, No choice was had by me but to agree. Our arguments became so intense because I got a person mission to tire her out with rhetoric to the level of complete submission.
I had to win and make her see my point. So when that was not the best outcome, my recourse was the silent treatment. Immature? Maybe. But by God, I am aware I’ve good company because regard because I witness it firsthand from men and in addition keep these exact things tell me they too, have the compulsion to overcome their partner with every possible argument. Newsflash guys: Relationship conflict is not a contact sport. There is absolutely no real victor ultimately absolutely. When that’s clear, you can begin to fight the right way.
One important disclaimer: To fight, quarrel and disagree is human. It really is thought by me is sad when couples announce with pride they “never, fight ever.” Give me an escape. You won’t ever, fight ever? Well, are you experiencing sex? From sex Apart, no act is more natural.
Sure it usually is unpleasant. The decision however, is always to suppress personal expression. That is no good. When done right, a fight is productive and good for a relationship also.
Is how exactly to accomplish it Here…

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