Female PUAs

It isn’t 1855 (along with 1955) anymore, so many people understand that a female making the initial move is not a reason to assemble a posse and begin a witch-hunt. A hot girl hits you at a bar? Great. She strolls your choice at a show and requests your number coolly? On top of that. But imagine if she’s a full-on 2013 Don Juan? Imagine if she’s memorized the rules of Neil Strauss’ THE SPORT, too, and could play a Russian is recommended by you chess champ?
It’s been almost eight years as the Game exposed the secret” world of pickup artists ( PUAs ) and spawned numerous new ones who hit up the clubs and practiced gentlemanly tactics like manipulation and NEGS (things you tell a chick to slightly lower her self-esteem) to lure women into bed. The movement there is still out, even though it’s mostly seen as lame, sleazy and offensive. But what would happen if the tables were turned – if women became the PUAs? You can get signs that, among some women, it’s learning to be a thing.
It is a pretty even playing field today, unless you’re still operating under some antiquated Gone With the Wind-era dating rules. I’ve approached guys, asked them because of their number, & most women I understand have, too. I read Robert Greene’s book The Art of Seduction a couple of years ago following a breakup, because I’d been out of your dating world for years and had no clue how to proceed. Eventually, A whole lot was taken by me of chances, telling one guy even, This is usually a one-night stand just ; we’re not exchanging numbers or anything.” I had never really had a one-night stand and thought it could feel empowering – which it did. That is, morning and I gave it to him until he asked for my number another. Then it had been dating as usual just. However, many women are starting to approach the pickup in a far more full-throttle way.

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