Female Pickup Artists

I don’t see a lot of women self-identifying as PUAs,” says Leigh. The few women who do aren’t really trying to rack up their numbers so they can go brag about it to their friends while they play Halo. They’re just sick of sitting on the sidelines and looking pretty. They want the confidence to walk up and make the first move. That’s different than wanting the confidence to walk up and get laid.”
Women might want to make the first move, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value relationships or that people desire to objectify and manipulate guys as some type of revenge. That’s, unless you’re one of many women registered for the brand new dating site I then found out about any of it when some friends and I strolled past a pop-up shop they’d create in a LA mall. It caught our attention as the sign said Manventory,” and in the heart of the shop was a makeshift clothing rack with three male models strung up by coat hangers. If the roles were reversed and a lot of women were hanging from the rack in a store, a picket line would form faster than you can say blatant sexism.” A blonde dating expert” in a pink dress called us over and urged us to look at the Manventory. Continue in!” she urged. See if there’s whatever you like.”
The display definitely caught our attention, nonetheless it was also a bit creepy. Do women really long to objectify and humiliate men so that you can feel empowered? Do they would like to do the exact items that they can not stand sleazy guys – and PUAs – doing in their mind? I don’t actually want to meet a man by picking him out such as a footwear,” among my friends said directly after we tested the Manventory.

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