Female Fantasies (2040419)

10. Being truly a Swinger
That one might come as a shock for you, but Reba Corrine , sex expert and wellness consultant, says there is no cause for alarm if that is your lady’s sex fantasy of preference.
“It’s normal to fantasize about getting the freedom to swap partners,” says Corrine. This sort of sexual freedom publicly isn’t commonplace, but is fantasized about commonly. Women tend to be told it really is taboo to have more than one sexual partner – and the swinger lifestyle removes societal restrictions.”
Sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk echoes this, adding that it can be a turn-on to see your partner being wanted by someone else.
“Being desired by women and men simultaneously appeals to women on one level, while on another, being watched or watching their partner with other people can be a turn on because of the change in boundaries with one another and the variety of sexual experiences available,” she says. Also, it’s important to understand that not every woman who fantasizes about being a swinger actually wants to act it out. Sometimes, fantasies are really just that.
What Real Women Say:
“I’m unsure whether or not I would ever actually go through with it,” says Amber, 31. “My husband and I have been married for two years, and have been together for almost 10 in total, so it’s starting to feel like we’ve done it all – not in a bad way, but more of a, ‘It’d be hot to try something completely different that we’ve never done before.’
I remember watching an episode of ‘TheC.’ where two of the married characters went to a swingers party, which also plays a part in the fantasy I have because their dynamic on the show was sort of silly throughout that episode and that’s how my husband and I are. Anyway, in my fantasy, my husband tells me to get dressed up and says that he’s taking me out, but won’t tell me where we’re going. We drive and pull up at a residence I’ve never seen before, and you can find a number of other couples there which are beautiful, but none that I recognize. My husband walks in and casually drops his watch in to a jar on the coffee table (a similar way it simply happened in ‘TheC.’). Except we don’t chicken out. Throughout my fantasy I’ve different men approach me – one even tries to cheat the device by getting me alone in the pantry of the house, running his give my nipples in the sheer dress I’ve on, or more my dress to Eventually finger me, the watches get chosen, and normally the one I choose is probably the man who cornered me in the pantry. Uncertain where my hubby reaches this true point in my fantasy, honestly! But eventually, I reconnect with him and he informs me that the girl he was paired with was so awful he didn’t log off – so obviously, I choose two round.”
Making It Happen:
In the current internet dating culture, of what your preference regardless, kink, or type, you will find a dating app that you can buy to suit your needs. And yes, which include people who are wanting to swing. If you plus your partner have already been considering trading off for a nights hot sexual passion with another couple, there are plenty of online options that you can buy for you. To truly save you the issue of deciphering which sites are swinger-friendly (and the ones are trustworthy, for instance), take a look at AskMen’s reviews of the best swinger-focused dating sites

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