Famous Nurse Kai Palmers

Instagram-Famous Nurse Kai Palmers
This Woman IS BECOMING Instagram Famous. Thank God For American Nurses.
The internet is certainly going crazy for Kaicyre “Kai” Palmers, an Instagram star with 200 almost,000 followers. Palmers’ photos routinely rack up a large number of likes, and something look at her Instagram account and pretty damn obvious why she’s so popular: America’s love of celebrating its healthcare professionals!
See, not only is it a learning student at NYU, Kai is really a nurse at an unnamed hospital in the town also. Her Instagram account is jam-packed with photos demonstrating the fundamentals of proper nursing technique, day placed on the scrubs can study from which any budding student seeking to one. Pay close attention!
She is Here, displaying proper workplace attire, a coffee for mental stimulation, an effective name tag and filled with confidence for the working job. So proper and prim, she is actually a stock photo for nursing professionalism. Take note, nursing rookies.
Staying In Shape
Nursing In The Wild
As the Royal College of Nurses says, nurses should Use leisure time to recharge your batteries. Plan regular holidays and take them” in order to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by stress. Great job, Kai!
Bedside Manner For Nurses
Speaking of friends, nursing is a team activity requiring collaboration. When you look at this photo, try to admire her collegial spirit.
All of the nursing knowledge in the world won’t help you if you’re not properly organized, as any nurse knows. Look at her demonstrating impeccable pillow-organizing technique here; it’s that sort of thing that makes her a top-notch nurse.
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