Extreme Tinder Skills (c9f15f0)

WE ARE ABLE TO All STUDY OUT OF THIS Guy’s Extreme Tinder Skills
Every single person of their 20s complains about Tinder. You’re onto it constantly, and inevitably, one of these brilliant happens: 1) You obtain no matches. 2) You obtain matches, but no dates 3) You obtain dates , but no sex. 4) You obtain sex , but nobody you truly, you know, connect to. Essentially, you can’t win.
Unless you’re he. The next screenshots, uploaded to Imgur with the unassuming title “First Week of Tinder” by user asrign , show an expert at work, a complete master of the proper execution, a Tolstoy of talking on Tinder, a Michaelangelo of messaging matches. Sit watching genius at the job back.
Flirting With Kay
Just how the hell is he so good at speaking with his Tinder matches ? Let’s review.
1) He’s personal. He uses details specific to complement to personalize a lot of his openers – usually, with the true name. This is important since it lets his matches know that he’s not just copy-and-pasting other people’s ideas.
2) He’s funny. This doesn’t come naturally to every guy, but it’s something you can practice. He sets up conversation scenarios and then goes in the opposite direction the match is expecting.
3) He’s not homophobic. Right off the bat in two of these convos he makes jokes that involve him being attracted to other guys. That lets the matches know that he’s comfortable with his sexuality and isn’t some fake tough guy.
4) He’s confident. He’s starting almost all of these conversations and clearly has an idea what to do when the match responds, thanks to his jokey scenarios. He also shows off a bit by creating structured messages and showcasing his vocabulary skills.
5) He’s not afraid of failure. A few of these women didn’t respond, but he doesn’t whine about it or follow up constantly – if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. On to the next one.
Well, that about wraps up this master class. Tip of the cap, guy. And if you like his style, check out some more extreme Tinder skill
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