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You get what you pay for when it comes to haircuts, mattresses and some footballers. But love? Tinder, Bumble and Happn can score you a date night for free – but what happens when your ratio of partners to Pizza Express vouchers doesn’t add up? Maybe a bigger initial outlay + more bespoke options = better economics. So while the rest of the UK debates small-scale money matters like the Brexit, we ask the big one: does elite dating get you more bang(s) for your buck?
Vida Consultancy
Cost £10,000 + VAT per year.
What do I get for that? Its tagline is meet someone exceptional”, which is a step up from Tinder where whole relationships are built around being exceptionally good at not meeting. Founded by psychologist Rachel MacLynn , board member of New York’s Matchmaking Institute, Vida takes a headhunter-style approach to love: you’re assigned a matchmaker and get rumbled if your heart’s not fully in it. Joining requires that you’re ‘relationship ready’ – i.e. didn’t just minimise a window of one’s ex’s Facebook.
Is there an inexpensive route in? Yes, the Passive Member. It’s free, if you should be referred, and puts you in a pot that paid members get matched with. Entrance also helps in the event that you appear to be David Gandy’s twin.
Members Over 5000, 55% men. The common age is 30+, business owners mainly, finance workers and professionals (lawyers, accountants).
Before you sell your vehicle to join… Unlike the majority of dating apps that match via location proximity, Vida does the contrary. It’s intentionally international – grouping London with famous brands LA, Stockholm and NYC in a single blessed net genetically. Every weekend Therefore you may find yourself in Europe. Great if BA is threatening to demote your Frequent Flyer status. Less good whenever a Southampton is had by you season ticket.
Success rate A fantastic 80%.
The Inner Circle
Cost Free, nonetheless it doesn’t mean you’re in. Inner Circle may be the Soho House of the dating game; rumour has it that for everybody let in, another’s turned away.
Alan Turning cracked the Enigma Code – it could not be that hard surely? Hawaii line is that access is founded on education, career, interests and having friends already in. Divided, you stand an improved chance when you have at the very least a Bachelor’s degree (94% do), work popular, finance or law, and reside in London – the town and SW London are member hotspots. Oh, and smarten up your LinkedIn page – members are connected via it. Once in, Inner Circle works like the majority of dating apps: it is possible to send winks or chat online; it’s USP is that in addition, it holds monthly events, from drinks to polo matches.
Members 45,000 in London and 100,000 across Europe, aged 25 to 40.
Before you sell your soul to join… Understand that if you do ensure it is, the chances are good: 60% of UK members are female. Actually, at one point late this past year there have been so many single women on the books they had to block new female admissions for per month to even things out.
Success rate 1200 members have told the founders they met ‘The One’ through the website.
Berkeley International
Cost From £10,000 + VAT each year around £60,000 for a worldwide service.
What do I get for that? In an environment of singles clubs we have been the haute couture label”, says the web site, modestly. Berkeley is just about the best known of all elites, marketing itself to be more of a super-hot private members club when compared to a final resort for overworked bankers. If you have ever panicked that you missed the love you will ever have as you set your Happn filter to the incorrect generation, there’s none of this algorithm business here: matchmakers suggest potentials based purely on the gut instinct after learning you. Their role is really as much counsellor and motivator since it is date-facilitator.
Is there a cheap route in? Er, no. This is haute couture not TK Maxx.
Members Over 5000 discerning and affluent members” – think: financiers, CEOs. Cash-rich, time-poor, with meaty expectations.
Before you sell your organs to join… Don’t expect a completely easy ride. Berkeley will do the legwork in getting you a date, but the man (i.e. you) has to actually arrange it. Chivalry and a phone call, not an emoji (or worse), is expected. Afterwards, grit your teeth for a no-holds-barred debrief from your own matchmaker on what your date found it exactly. Or rather, you.
Success rate Around 70%.
Cost 5000+ Instagram followers. Besides a minor £5.50 monthly fee, Raya isn’t about your cash, it’s about your influence and personal brand – to stand a good slither of the opportunity of the anonymous global committee” permitting you to join, you need to be referred by way of a current member (though multiple referrals is way better) and also have social-media clout, as you connect via your Instagram account.
What do I get for that? Usage of celebrities, or extremely attractive/well-connected normos: models, YouTube stars, artists. The vetting process is indeed thorough that if a high profile sometimes appears by you face, it shall be them. Just don’t screen-grab: get discovered and you will get booted out.
Is there an inexpensive route in? Up your follower count, stat.
Members in the thousands Likely, though kept low – that is a quality over quantity operation deliberately.
Before you sell your vehicle, organs and soul to join… Ready your ego – either for the battering of rejection, or the inflation of acceptance.

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