Eight Ways To DEAL WITH Jealousy

Eight Ways To Deal With Jealousy
How To Deal With Jealousy Like An Adult And Have The Best Relationship Ever
So, you’ve found yourself a great lady. In fact, she’s better than great. She’s perfect. She’s so perfect, in fact, that other men notice. Lots of other men. Pretty soon, you find yourself a fierce shade of green over every move she makes, no matter how benign.
You, who couldn’t tolerate a girlfriend who went ballistic each and every time you glanced at another woman, are doing just that. And if you think your jealousy will keep her loyal, get real; jealousy tears relationships apart, as it will soon do to yours – if you don’t keep it in check.
To help you out, we’ve compiled 10 sage ways to deal with jealousy. But remember, although you’re the one who’s overreacting, her actions play a part in your reactions. Any of these techniques could backfire if employed without due care and prudence. You’ve been warned.

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