EACH DAY In Georges Marriage With His Colombian Mail Order Bride

In order that this column could be written by you, I interviewed an American man called George who married a Colombian mail order bride. Day together with his Colombian wife around He could possibly be very happy to share his typical, so now we’ll have a look at every day in his marriage and see whether we’ll have a better understanding of how this sort of marriage works.
7:00am George and his wife Valentina awaken. Valentina prepares breakfast for them while George is filtering his e-mails. Usually, George receives nearly 100 e-mails every day due to nature of his work (he is a self-employed businessman). George’s breakfast is berries in Greek yogurt (not very manly breakfast because Valentina wants him to eat healthy food only & George is very happy as he has lost 10 kilos after marrying Valentina). Oftentimes, George has breakfast while going through his emails – this saves him lots of time in the morning.
8:00am Valentina and George have a shower together. George says he wants to have a shower with his Colombian beauty every day in the morning because life is short – they both appreciate their intimate time together. Then Valentina gets ready in the walk-in closet. Valentina works for a high-end jewelry shop in the city for four hours a day because her English is very good. George works from home as he runs an online business.
9:00am Valentina goes to work. George starts to work on his projects. George opens his diary and looks at his to-do list. He focuses on the priorities first because urgent and important things should be done in the morning – these things bring the most results to his career. Every day his work in the morning includes content production, digital marketing and contacting one person who can help him with his business – these have become his daily rituals Valentina’s work in the high-end jewelry shop looks quite glamorous because she is a salesgirl who is dressed to kill. The shop offers her a discount whenever she purchases anything from it.
1:30pm Valentina comes back home because she only works part-time from Monday to Friday. Then she cooks lunch at home. Because George used to possess acid reflux because of his weight, Valentina is quite careful when she cooks: she ensures all ingredients have relatively high PH levels, i.e. whatever has a PH5.5 or lower is not okay. Therefore, their lunch often includes whole wheat bread, green vegetables and fish. A very health-conscious couple.
3:00pm George continues to work on his projects at his desk in the home office, while Valentina is reading in the living room. Although Valentina never went to university, she is very keen to study, because she wants to be successful in the usa and she also wants to help George with his career. A very ambitious woman. She knows that George is really a growth-driven man Maybe, so she really wants to keep growing also. In this way, their marriage will undoubtedly be sustainable in the long run.
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6:00pm Valentina has finished doing all the housework later in the afternoon and George finishes his work for the day. Now they either go out to have dinner in a restaurant or cook dinner at home. This couple usually have a date night once a week (on Thursday), so that’s when they go out for dinner. Every Thursday, Valentina wears red lipstick and a beautiful dress when they go to a restaurant. George is very proud of his Colombian girl because many men look at this pretty woman when they go out together.
9:00pm George and Valentina watch reruns of Friends on TV while George is checking his e-mails in bed. Sometimes George doesn’t read certain e-mails because those messages would keep him awake all night. Then Valentina gives George a relaxing and sensual massage prior to going to sleep together.
Why did George marry a Colombian mail order bride?
– Because George was fascinated with Sophia Vergara, the latest Colombian woman on earth, he wanted someone like her. But George lives in a little US city where there aren’t many Colombian ladies, so he chose Colombian mail order wives’ services to greatly help him in this regard. It has been became the simplest way to meet eligible Colombian beauties. Indeed, George met Valentina with a Colombian mail order brides’ service in a couple of months, and Valentina appears like Sophia Vergara to some extent: attractive body and outgoing personality.
How old are they?
– George is 49 and Valentina is 31. It appears that women from Colombia look younger than their biological age (look at Sophia Vergara); Valentina appears like a 21-year-old girl.
What difficulties do they experience within their marriage?
– No one’s marriage is ideal. Although George and Valentina are married happily, they will have different values slightly, i.e. George leaves trash all around the house because he doesn’t value a tidy house; on the other hand, Valentina wants everything to be tidy and clean because that’s vital that you her. Gradually, Valentina has understood that George really wants to concentrate on his career, so he doesn’t desire to waste time tidying the home – every minute is valuable to him. Therefore, now an ideal solution is is: Valentina does all housework.
Do they intend to have children?
– Yes, however, not now. George’s career reaches its peak, so he’d would rather have children after some duration later. Valentina is often a traditional lady from Colombia who want to have a big family. But since she actually is still in her early 30s actually, she says she’s considerable time still.

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