Dysfunctional Relationships

Plain ol’ dysfunctional relationships run the gambit between pathetic and tragic. Either the couple is too lazy or scared to leave, or there’s an imbalance of power that makes the situation unhealthy as well as dangerous. Dysfunctional relationships ought to be avoided no matter what. Pay attention to indicators and get your self or all your family members out of them.
However, relationships which are dysfunctional awesome could be, well, awesome. It’s many of the most fun you might have in dating. You’ll become a fcking a-hole and it’s really totally okay (for a period.) These relationships won’t last. Shooting stars only burn bright for such a long time. Either they devolve into actual dysfunctional relationships or, more rarely, evolve into relatively healthy ones. You can’t arrange for these, nor seek them out. Writing searching for dysfunctional awesome” on your own dating profile is only going to cause you to look crazy and yield crazy results. Whatever you can perform is recognize if you are in one and revel in the wild ride.
Listed below are 10 signs you’re relationship is dysfunctional awesome. Now, most normal couples will show one or two of the a number of the time, but a really dysfunctional awesome couple will show most of them more often than not.
You Fight Daily, But Laugh ABOUT ANY OF IT Afterward
The only thing it is possible to agree on is you won’t ever agree. Your notion of mixing things up is arguing at the grocery store instead of at home. Still, the fights are kinda fun. They’re not stupid arguments but cunning debates with screaming and creative name-calling. And the makeup sex, well you know where I’m going with this…
You Lose Days
The time might be lost to partying and your vice of choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only reason. You may lose days in bed together or in a co-dependent sloth-like state in front of pizza boxes and Netflix. Either way, you haven’t gone to school or work and you DGAF. You even missed your fantasy football draft for her and that used to be your Christmas day.
You Don’t Remember If Your Friends Are Avoiding You Or If You Just Haven’t Called Them Back
Somewhere in the back of your head, you remember your friends being pissed about you ditching them for this new girl. They don’t approve. And you totally get their point, but it seems impossible to communicate with other humans besides her right now.
You Can’t Predict Anything
One day, she’s starving at 10am. The next day, she doesn’t eat anything until 7pm. One day, she’s pro-choice. The next day, she has a pregnancy scare and decides she’s pro-life. Hell, you too can’t decide how you’re going to feel from day to day. All you know is this relationship keeps you guessing and that’s exciting as fck.
On Paper, There Are No Good” Reasons Why You’re Together
Why are you so into this girl? Well… uh… damn, um… it’s just happened. You can’t verbalize any good reasons but you’re sure you want to see her again. This girl has put your head in fog and giving you a myriad of feelings that you would’ve punched friends for telling you about. It’s not love. It’s infatuation. And you’re cool with it.
You Sometimes Forget If You’re Having Regular Sex, Makeup Sex Or Hate Sex
There is a lot of difference between angry sex, passionate sex, sad sex… it could be goodbye sex and you wouldn’t know it. All you know is that you’ve stopped watching porn because it pales in comparison.
You Can’t Feel Your Cash When You’re With Her
You make Scrooge McDuck money Maybe, maybe you don’t. Perhaps you usually spend money as an Eastern European grandmother on a collection income, or you don’t maybe. It doesn’t matter, because when you’re with her you might spend more money in comparison with a drunk sorority girl in Cancun with her daddy’s bank card. It generally does not mean she’s a gold digger. You’re just having so much fun that one could not be bothered with maintaining a budget.
She Scares The Sht Out Of You
There is a vintage quote, Every day that scares you Execute a very important factor.” Using this type of girl, you’re taking that recommendation literally. You aren’t worried about your physical safety because of her. That would you should be a typical dysfunctional relationship. But also for some reason also, she allows you to nervous still.
In Your Relationship, Trust IS REALLY A 1981 Elvis Costello Album
You do not feel safe leaving her alone in your bed when you attend work, and even alone at a celebration. And she totally feels exactly the same way about you. Neither of you trust one another. Both of you know it. Perchance you even joke about any of it. For some reason, it generally does not bother either of you.
At Least Once WEEKLY, You Tell Yourself IT IS TIME TO Leave Her

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