Dont Stay Because Its Easy

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Especially in long-term relationships where you’ve seen one another through many changes – from career to location – just the idea of ending things is enough to make your stomach tighten. But here’s the hard, cold truth: staying in a relationship that’s not working or you’ve outgrown is only going to cause you both more harm ultimately. If you find yourself less ready to compromise on a frequent basis, or you’re always criticizing or irritated by items that she does, instead of wanting to items that can make her happy, you’re most likely not so involved with it anymore,” Liu says.
And though tough to listen to – or ahem, admit – Laurel House, dating expert and writer of Screwing the guidelines, says the largest indicator is which you don’t care anymore. You are feeling as if you are settling for under you deserve,” she says. You retain wanting to rationalize with yourself amongst others why you’re with her.”

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