Donkey Fcking In Cartagena

1. Donkey Fcking in Cartagena
Yes, that right is read by you. In the northern Colombian town of Cartagena, adolescent boys are experiencing regular sex with donkeys. This tradition established fact and accepted in components of Colombia as a rite of passage for some boys to become men. Fathers will likely take their young boys out to teach them how to have intercourse with the farm animals. Once these teenagers get hold of a taste of intercourse with donkeys it appears hard to stop. Many cases have been completely reported of married men cheating on the wives with donkeys well up repeatedly. The practice itself is believed by colombians to benefit the boys a good deal by giving them a way to practice sex and better prepare them to please their future wives. As Colombia can be an catholic nation extremely, pre or extramarital sex is frowned upon extremely. So using Donkey’s is a surprising loophole for horny youth. In addition they believe that sex with donkeys can make their penises bigger and in addition prevent them from becoming homosexual.

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