Do Women Consider You Fun

Can you sometimes wonder if women think you’re fun? Are you currently ever worried people consider you a bore? When you have to think hard concerning the idea of being fun, fun is typically not the initial word that involves mind when others begin to describe you. But don’t worry, being fun can be an attitude anyone can adopt – at the very least relative to users on guyQ , AskMen’s Q&A platform.
An anonymous user was curious to understand what makes a man “fun” to women.
I want to know what makes a guy fun to women. Not funny or nice, but fun. What does he do that makes him fun compared to other guys?
Some tips about what women had to convey:
Not too serious… Can laugh at himself and relax just. Women appreciate it when men can just let their hair down sometimes and you also must be themselves without all the BS.
Similar to things in life, it is not so simple. Differing people shall find various things fun. An extrovert shall see various things fun to an introvert, an upper-class woman may find a man who foxhunts with her “fun.a night over the pub singing songs fun ” A working-class woman may find.
The trick is always to cultivate the kind of fun you obviously have a great time doing, and discover a lady who shares that. Fun is contagious frequently.

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