Do Millennials WANT TO Hook Up

I’m a 26-year-old guy living in L.A. and it’s a Friday afternoon. I would like to venture out and meet someone at a bar after work but decide eh hopefully, I’d rather just swipe away using one of the numerous apps like Bumble or Tinder to get someone.
Yep, I’m a millennial and we recognize that dating is excellent – someone to speak to, laugh with and create a connection – but which means an investment of time also, effort and money. You will want to spend less time, money and emotional capital when sometimes simple and fast sex may be the goal?
Millennial males are characterized for having non-relationships and just looking to hook up It is fun and easy as we don’t need to put in much effort. Swipe, match, text, invite over to Netflix and chill and C’est la vie.
But sex is a two-way street. So are millennial women easier and down to hook up quicker? Or have these apps simply highlighted that women are just as horny as men? Is it possible that dating apps have even empowered women, in that casual sex is no longer about slut-shaming but instead equality?
It’s no longer sex after monogamy – hooking up is the new norm. Sex before marriage “has been replaced with sex before dating for many folks,” says April Masini , author and relationship expert behind Technology has made it easier to hook up. In case you are resourceful, or simply enjoy spending time swiping away and playing the overall game, you could have sex with a stranger every evening for the rest you will ever have.”
Jon Birger , writer of Date-Onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game , disagrees and states that the idea that Tinder is in charge of the hookup culture” is incorrect, calling it “silly and short-sighted.” Nobody says that it’s responsible. It magnifies the fact the hookup culture exists just, and that dating apps like Tinder offer a less strenuous solution to casual sex.
Dating apps are devoted to instant gratification. By using dating apps, you can actually get embroiled in the lustful section of the relationship instead of the romantic part,” says Laurie F. Berzack, MSW and owner of Carolinas Matchmaker Essentially: You’re hot, swipe right. Not a chance just, swipe left.
Which means this is me as a guy saying merely, hoping and projecting, right? We’ve heard it before – men are horndogs and are also only looking for sex But as some women do enjoy casual sex around men, casual sex is meeting a physical need,” says Suzie, the Single Dating Diva
Women are setting up faster and also have fewer expectations about long-term commitments also. Furthermore, greater than 25% of ladies report sex within the original week of dating. It is not about how precisely quickly women are ‘giving it up’ as the article states, it truly is about the inescapable proven fact that women want the same thing that men do: sex.
So, it is not just me hoping, actually. Women are achieving this more and it’s really really empowering they are able to manage their lives – nothing wrong with fulfilling your requirements,” says Sameera Sullivan, CEO of Lasting relationship and Connections expert.
And although casual sex is not a thing that relationship expert Daniel Amis recommends to his clients, he mentions that setting up can be best for folks in several ways. They could gain more experience and confidence in discovering more which they like.”
Dating apps that make it easy to meet someone new leads to generalizations about millennials. It gives them a bad rap for playing the Next game: meet, hook up, next. The so-called hook up culture may exist for us millennials, but it doesn’t mean that every 20-something is looking to play the Next game.
I am a 26-year old guy in LA and realize that, although the conquest of casual sex with multiple partners found through dating apps may be exciting for some it isn’t anymore for me. Yes I did enjoy casual hookups, but I have quickly become tired of them. I am ready to court and date – I want to find a partner, build a deep connection and fall in love.

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