Desirable Traits (25f4050)

A large body of research has examined the theory that humans are designed for unconsciously detecting many different bodily chemicals (not merely pheromones) that signal a potential mate’s reproductive status. A written report published in ’09 2009 by Saul Miller and Jon Maner had men sniff the dirty T-shirts of women at different phases of the menstrual period. The scientists found that men smelling the shirts of women who’ve been ovulating had higher testosterone levels than men who sniffed the shirts of non-ovulating women, suggesting that men tend to be drawn toward a lady when she happens to be ovulating. Yet another study by exactly the same group exactly, however, demonstrates men in a relationship shall rate an ovulating stranger as less attractive compared to single guys , emphasizing that other variables, like the motivation to preserve your present relationship, can exert an influence over your behavior and desires.

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