Decoding Womens Body Language 2

Physical signs revealing inadequate interest are concerning the precise opposite of signs of flirtatiousness just. For instance, if your date keeps looking once you talk to her and rarely smiles away, she’s not likely interested.
Other signs of disinterest can include leaning from you or crossing her arms. Obviously, by crossing her arms before herself, she actually is strongly indicating that she is physically and mentally closed to your gestures actually.
The method that you need to react: There’s really little point in pursuing this. It wouldn’t hurt to supply several tries at flirtation to see if she’s engrossed. However, nine times out of 10, she’s not feeling it, so don’t bother putting a lot of effort into that certain before throwing in the towel.
Feeling Conflicted
If women are unsure of one’s intentions or their feelings toward you, they provide off signs they are feeling indecisive and conflicted. To complement their inconsistent feelings, their health produce inconsistent signals – combinations of the flirtatious signals and the disinterested ones discussed above.
For example, they could stare at you, and abruptly change and appearance away then. Maybe they’ll lean in toward you, however when you move in to complement their actions slightly, they’ll become if they’ve suddenly changed their mind and shyly ease back their seat. Because of this they aren’t yet sure what they think about you.
The method that you should react: In these circumstances, don’t force the problem. Move slowly, being consistently friendly, but don’t be too flirtatious or overtly sexual. Give her time to warm up to you.
Most people can recognize anger when they see it, but there are types of rage that are less obvious than a screaming fit. There is also the icy-cold burn, which is revealed through a narrowing of the eyes and a tightly closed mouth. This can be accompanied by a head tilt and tightly clenched or closed fists. She may also cross her arms as in the disinterested pose, but when she’s angry, it’s more pronounced. If her hands are placed on her hips, it’s a very, very bad sign.
Unlike the types of body language listed above, this type of behavior usually occurs during the dating stage, not the pickup – you couldn’t possibly have pissed her off already, right? However, you may get a taste of it in the early stages as well. At this point, recognize that it isn’t about you; it’s about someone or another thing which has happened to her.
The method that you should react: An already miffed woman is commonly disinterested and unresponsive. She’s not just a prime candidate for flirtation if her thoughts remain on the traffic ticket she just found five minutes ago. Await time or other folks to defuse her rage gradually, and consider moving in then.
Interpreting Mixed Signals
Remember that women hand out mixed signals often. For instance, some women use sarcasm and put-downs to flirt with men even though they’re thinking about them. In case a woman is insulting you with her words, but she’s displaying all of the physical signs of flirtation, she’s probably into you.

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