DEALING WITH Her Annoying Friends

You’ll never remove her friends. It’s not fair to try to force her to choose between you and them, and, if anything, it’s a good way to get you to lose this girl. At the end of the day, her friends will probably outlast you anyway. No matter how hot you are for this relationship and how great you think it may be, it will probably end up fizzling out at some point. Most relationships fizzle out, and until you find the right one, you’ve got to learn how to put up with your girlfriend’s annoying friends, because the same thing is probably going to happen with the next one down the line.
How To Put Up With Her Friends
I know when I’m dating a new woman and her friends are absolutely annoying, I still try my best to have a fun time with them. As I suggested before, I come up with nicknames for all of these. Hey, is that Tracy the texter at this time? Tell her we have been about to involve some great sex and you also shall text her back.”
I’ll constantly make nicknames and play with it. Because the old saying goes, when you can beat ’em, join ’em. However the lesson to be learned is that you have to take control of the situation I was dating a woman several years back, and her friends were probably the most annoying people I’ve ever met in my life (even more annoying than the ones that I just described). So when we were all together, which would eventually happen, I’d sit back, laugh and hang out. Then I would pull my girlfriend aside and say, Can you believe what your friend just said? That was absolutely the most ridiculous thing in the entire world!” I would find anything funny about them, and I‘d point it out and talk about it.
But the minute that you tell her that you hate her best friends, that you don’t even like to see her friends , it is going to put a wall between the two of you. The woman you’re with wants you to love every bit of her, and she wants to be accepted in every way, shape and form. So you can’t tell her that you hate her friends, but it doesn’t mean you have to pretend to like them. What you can do is have fun with it. Make the best of the situation you’re in. Make up fun little nicknames and turn it into a game so these woman do not drive you crazy.

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