Dating WOMEN IN The Czech Republic

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of A Seductress’ Confession”
Here is a group of dos and don’ts in terms of dating women in the Czech Republic:
When you give her flowers, an odd number is required. So giving her one flower is better than giving her ten flowers!
You are supposed to pay on a date. Make sure you have enough money when going out with Czech women.
Dress well. In the Czech Republic, people tend to dress better than those who live in western countries like the United States and Australia. Czech women like men who dress well.
Implement the new learning of dos and don’ts with regards to dating women in the Czech Republic and let me know how it goes.
Don’t assume people will judge you if you date an older Czech woman. In fact, it’s okay to date older women in Czech and it’s actually quite common. Words such as sugar momma” don’t exist in the Czech Republic. So if you like older women who have additional money, better status and are better in bed, it’s fine to date them.
Don’t forget courtesies such as opening doors and taking coats. In the Czech Republic, women expect you to be gentleman. Remember: when entering a restaurant, the man goes through the door first; when leaving a restaurant, the woman leaves first. The reason being in most Czech restaurants , you pull the door so as to open it. That’s why the man should goes through the door first. That means the woman’s comfort is more important than manners.
Don’t expect your Czech girlfriend to speak about engagement/marriage first. In Western countries like the United States, it’s normal for women to speak about marriage at some stage of the relationship. However, unlike western countries, Czech women want to hear men ask questions about engagement or marriage first. Therefore, you have to be able to tell when she is ready to marry you, to enable you to ask the right question at the right time! Also, the engagement ring should be a traditional diamond. Don’t invent something new by
A bonus tip: After you have asked your Czech girlfriend to marry you, you still need to tell her parents about it if you are having dinner at their place. It’s a bit like asking for permission in ancient times, and people in the Czech Republic still keep this tradition. It doesn’t need to be super formal, but you should look serious so that her parents feel their daughter will have a happy life with you.
Now you are equipped with the knowledge and understanding with regards to dating Czech women and leading the relationship to a long-term commitment. Implement the new learning and let me know how it goes.
Czech Dating: How to Date Czech Girls

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