Dating While OWNING A continuing business

I quit my job in the beginning of this year to begin a small business with my co-founders.
Life has turned into a bit more difficult. I work about 16 hours each day on my business. Without surprise, dating is becoming much more difficult.
Circumstances are different given that I’m owning a company versus this past year when I was working a 9-5. My priorities have shifted dramatically and I’ve another outlook on the planet. My time is bound and it’s difficult to find someone who really realizes that I’m doing precisely what I could to chase my dreams at this time.
For this reason change in lifestyle, I’ve had to alter how I approach dating to accommodate my new circumstances. Although I had to learn many of these lessons the hard way and I’m always learning new things, here are some tips on how to manage dating while running a business. Note that these tips are focused especially on how to approach dating as an entrepreneur, rather than approaching relationships per se.
Set expectations early
Dating while working 80 hour weeks to get your business off the ground is no easy task. It comes with challenges that normal relationships don’t have.
The truth is when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re balancing multiple priorities: you have your business, your family and the other important people in your life. One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs face, or really anybody who is passionate about something that takes up a lot of time, is finding balance
It’s good to set expectations early that your time is limited and your business is obviously a big priority that you experienced. It’s good to provide your new partner a good warning so they understand exactly what they’re signing up for.
Become proficient at making plans
Entrepreneurs are considering their calendars constantly, I know I’ve a tab open with my Google calendar at fine times. Our calendars are filled with obligations offering internal meetings, partner meetings, client visits and investor calls, to mention a few just. Ironically, in terms of dating, entrepreneurs tend to do everything last second and make formal plans rarely.
It’s alright to generate dating plans within an identical fashion to conferences. You do not want the average person you’re dating to trust they’re an afterthought. Establishing plans with them greater than 24 hours will inform them they’re priority beforehand.
I’m not insisting that you send a calendar invite to the average person that you can be dating – actually, You should don’t. All I’m suggesting is that you create blocks of time for the average person you’re dating beforehand, than simply last second dates rather.
Leverage Technology
As a tech entrepreneur, it’s understandable that I leverage technology (i.e. Tinder , OkCupid , etc.) to meet people.
Entrepreneurs are busy. We don’t possess time and energy to be constantly out at bars and clubs attempting to meet people. Also, the probability of meeting someone in a restaurant romantically, library or perhaps a gym are damn slim pretty.

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