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By Jade Seashell (contributor), writer of A Seductress’ Confession: How exactly to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
Colombian women are famous for their ultimate exotic beauty. Indeed, they’re most likely the world’s most exotic women alive. Take Sophia Vergara for example – she is the latest 44-year-old woman that I understand. Can someone really tell that she actually is 44 years old predicated on her looks? Her son looks like her brother, literally! Yes, Colombian women are sexy, flirtatious and most importantly, they are youthful.
In this article, I’d like to share some facts about Colombian women, and that means you will understand these incredibly exotic ladies better.
There exists a hierarchy in the Colombian society Apart from those who are from the slums and those who are totally out of your league (the real upper class who rule the country), you are more likely to meet two types of Colombian girls: 1) Those who come from the center class; 2) Those people who are from upper-middle class. I want to explain.
Girls who result from the middle class are usually successful – they either study at universities or have decent jobs. They dress well and use quality makeup, so even though they’re 6s and 7s, you’ll think they’re 8s and 9s, particularly if you meet them in a nightclub where in fact the lighting isn’t strong. A few of these girls have already been to the southern part of the United States plus they are proud of that, since they think they will have travelled – they need to be worldlier than other girls.
Girls who result from the upper-middle class are most likely the best women you need to date – they often times speak at the very least 2 languages; they often have the opportunity to review overseas. These girls are better educated, have more money & self-confidence. Better still, they think foreign men belong to their peer group, so chances are they will like you if you are from countries like the United States or Canada.
Colombian women are not racist. Colombia is a melting pot where people are of mixed race. According to a recent survey, a regular Colombian as a mixture of 22% Amerindian, 13% African and 65% European ancestry. Therefore, people in Colombia are generally not racist at all. So your race will not determine whether Colombian girls are going to date you or not. In fact, Colombian ladies look for other qualities in men.
Colombian ladies want to meet men from other countries. You would be glad to know that women in Colombia like meeting men from other countries, because they like the excitement. So being a foreign man will help you stand out from the crowd immediately. You should totally visit Colombia and tell ladies that you are from a foreign country, and they will like you because of that.
Colombian women value family. You may think Italians and Chinese value family, but they really can’t compete with Colombian people. In Colombia, it is common for 2 2 or 3 3 generations to live together in one house – this is already not common in China anymore. You may need to remember that in the event that you offend a Colombian woman’s family, she might decide you aren’t the right man on her behalf, thereby ruining your relationship. Just treat her family just like the way you treat her – be kind, respectful and considerate always.
Be careful before you begin a relationship with a Colombian woman. Yes, she actually is hot, fun and smart. It’s okay up to now her, but before you begin a significant relationship with her, please consider her situation and her motivation first. There are various Colombian ladies who’ve kids at a age, plus they are single mums that want to get wealthy western men who is able to marry them, therefore the plan is to get yourself a visa for america or Europe, and get financial support from you aswell. I’m not saying all Colombian women are like this, but you must be very careful in the event that you plan to possess a Colombian girlfriend in the long run. Measure the situation carefully and make a smart decision.
Top 10 Most beautiful Colombian women
Colombian women are sexy, flirtatious & most importantly, they’re youthful.
To be able to dance will dramatically enhance your game. Girls from Colombia love dancing plus they head to nightclubs to dance frequently. So if you can dance with them, this will increase your chance to get them instantly. The dance floor is somewhere you communicate with girls with your body language, thereby increasing physical chemistry and attraction. Learning how to dance will certainly help you with your night game in pubs, bars and nightclubs. Don’t talk too much while dancing with Colombian girls, as the loud music can’t help you at all. Save your intelligent conversation for your day game, please. Remember, unlike other cultures, physical contact is very normal in Colombia, so you’d better learn how to communicate with your body language and physical contact while dancing with Colombian beauties
Women from Colombia want to be chased. In some countries, women are happy to chase men. But in Colombia, women really want to be chased and impressed by men. If she kisses you on the first date, it doesn’t mean you’ve got her already. She may become colder on the next day, because she expects you to keep chasing her. Also, she will appreciate gifts such as perfume, lotion, iPod, etc. – that is to say, you probably need to invest in her in some ways, if you truly want her.
Colombian ladies are very clean. If she notices that your nails are dirty, she will be turned off immediately. Many ladies in Colombia have two showers a day. So that means you ought to have a minumum of one shower each day. Colombian girls have sharp noses – they’ll tell whether you’re clean or not so quickly. Ensure you have good hygiene and dress well. Be presentable – that is essential to Colombian women.

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