Dating Serbian Women

By Jade Seashell (contributor), writer of A Seductress’ Confession: How exactly to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
Serbian women are best seen as a their perfect mix of Mediterranean and Slavic genes, so Serbian beauties have natural tan (olive-skinned complexion). They’re tall, hot and intensely feminine.
Why Serbian girls are hot: Because of Serbia’s rich history and culture, people in Serbia are mostly mixed race as a result of long Turkish conquest. Therefore, Serbian women have sexy and dark complexion. Their legs are long – which means you will be impressed in the event that’s your type !
Serbian women’s attitude towards relationships: Unlike Western women, Serbian ladies are a lot more traditional in terms of relationships. Serbian women value long-term relationships, so that they generally can’t accept one-night-stands. Which means if you want up to now Serbian women, some patience will be much appreciated. But it doesn’t mean Serbian girls are bad in bed. I’ll explain that later.
Where to meet Serbian girls: You can practice day game at any main city squares where many ladies are waiting for their friends. So it’s very easy to strike up a conversation with a hot Serbian woman. Another place that you should go to is the pedestrian street of Knez Mihailova – this is actually the main shopping zone in Belgrade. The great news for you is: Serbian men are not good at day game because eye contact is quite rare in their culture, so if you have made some eye contact with a woman there, that means she is already paying attention to you because she is curious. Therefore, be sure you approach her fast!
What to avoid when dating Serbian ladies: Most women from Serbia have negative associations with feminism because they think feminists are lesbians (the word lesbian” is an insult in Serbian culture). Therefore, never say you are a feminist” in front of a Serbian lady. Also, avoid talking about negative aspects of Serbia, as people from Serbia don’t enjoy hearing that. This is very different from people in Western countries. For instance, Americans are happy to complain about the United States, although the United States is the most prosperous country in the whole world.
Unlike Western women, Serbian ladies are much more traditional when it comes to relationships. Serbian women value long-term relationships, that means, if you would like to date Serbian women, some patience would be much appreciated.
What you can expect when dating a woman from Serbia: Unlike Western women, the majority of Serbian girls don’t really care should you have good wealth or status. Basically, ladies in Serbia value trust and care quite definitely. So if you certainly are a caring and reliable Western man, your Serbian girl will undoubtedly be yours forever. You don’t have to showcase your wallet anymore.
What to do while you are likely to meet your Serbian bride’s family: Remember, Serbian people highly value family ties. Family is the main part of life. If you’re thinking about meeting her family, you need to show your respect for them first. There are plenty of methods to show your respect: Bring some Western gifts for instance a bottle of whiskey on her behalf dad, and a bottle of perfume on her behalf mom. Also, you need to take her family out for supper. Because eating in a restaurant isn’t expensive at all in Serbia, you’d be well-advised to take her family to an excellent restaurant (book a table beforehand and her family will undoubtedly be further impressed).
Jacob’s adventure in Serbia: Jacob can be an American man in his late 30s. He’s got been planing a trip to Serbia since 2014. In accordance with Jacob, Serbian women will be the best he has ever dated up to now. Here’s my interview with him –
Jade: Why can you like Serbian girls?
Jacob: Honestly, at the beginning, the reason why was their sexy legs and full lips. After dating those hateful pounds, I realized that ladies in Serbia are very loyal – unlike many western women that I had dated, Serbian girls don’t cheat – that’s my first-hand experience.
Jade: Does that mean Serbian women like you more?
Jacob: I think that’s probably because I am better than Serbian men when it comes to looking after women. I am always happy to look after my Serbian girlfriend’s needs. Yet I hear that most Serbian men never do any kind of housework at home.
Jade: That’s true. Western men are more caring. Some eastern women even told me that they were surprised when their western boyfriends held their hands while crossing the road.
Jacob: That’s because Eastern men, including East European men, don’t really do things like that.
Jade: However, Western men are more likely to be gentlemen, because you were taught to treat women like that.
Jacob: Indeed. My mom always told me to treat girls well and that’s very good advice.
Jade: Tell me an experience that impressed you the most in Serbia.
Serbian women: top 15 most beautiful women from Serbia
Jacob: Serbia girls are the perfect combination of being loyal and being sexually active. By that I mean most Serbian girls are quite experienced in the bedroom – in fact, Serbian women are considered to be the most sexually active women in Europe, yet once a Serbian girl decides to start a relationship with a man, she is really loyal. My Serbian girlfriend loves sex, so she had lots of sexual experience previously, but after she met me, she is incredibly loyal and respects me a lot. I like girls who enjoy sex, because which means they have an excellent libido which matches my high libido. Sexually creative women can always satisfy my fantasies.
Jade: That’s impressive. Can you plan to reside in Serbia in the long run?
Jacob: Because I’ve already automated my business in america, I make passive income. THEREFORE I can live anywhere in the world and can wake up any time I want every day. I’m happy to live in Serbia in the long term if my girlfriend wants to live in her home country forever. But if she prefers to live in the United States later on, I’m also happy to take her to America.

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