Dating Profile Grammar Errors

“Hey,” you write to your Tinder match “Your cute. Wanna get drinks?”
It’s a pretty classic online dating opener. It’s short and sweet, states your interest, and attempts to find the ball rolling by proposing an in-person meeting. It’s no Shakespearean sonnet, but few women would turn it down coming from a guy they were into.
There’s only one problem: It says “your” instead of “you’re” – and according to , that’s why she never ended up responding, bud.
Yes, according to research, just two spelling errors in your online dating profile could reduce the likelihood of a response by 14%. That might not seem like it’s that serious (in fact, if grammar and spelling aren’t your forte, you could see it as weeding out overly picky candidates), but if you’re about maximizing your chances of meeting someone , then this is definitely worth thinking about.
The unsurprising news? Women’s grammar cud bee jussed aweful and guys wouldn’t care at all. So either we’re more forgiving, or we have super-low standards. You decide!
Check out a few of the study’s other findings in this helpful infographic:

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